Woodworm Oil: An Effective Natural Treatment for Candida Infections

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April 4, 2018
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April 4, 2018
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Woodworm oil. Our body is a home to many bacteria – good and bad. Naturally cleansing our body is one of the Woodworm-oilmost fulfilling ways to get rid of the unnatural bacteria that’s dwelling in our body. Constant cleansing could help us prevent many diseases such as those caused by parasites.

Candida is naturally occurring fungus in that feeds on good bacteria and helps our body stay healthy. Most of it is usually found on the large intestine of humans. However, with the continued use and disuse of drugs such as steroids, antibiotics, oral contraceptives, and the prolonged exposure to stress could lead this fungus to multiply rapidly causing it to become a parasitic fungus that could cause depression, restlessness, and extreme fatigue during day time. However, like any other diseases, Candida infection could be treated.

Woodworm Oil: What it is

Woodworm oil, as the name implies, comes from the woodworm tree. By distilling its twigs, leaves, and flowers, its essential oil can be obtained. Woodworm is otherwise known as Green Ginger or Absinthium.

The essential oil that is obtained from the woodworm tree acts as anti-helminthic, cholagogue, deodorant, insecticide, tonic substance, vermifuge, narcotic, and an antimicrobial.

The Antimicrobial Effect of the Oil from Woodworm

Studies have shown that wormwood is an effective antimicrobial against infections caused by Candida albicans. In fact, a known herbalist named Gerard Green tried the traditional Candida remedies to his patients and found that nothing compares to the effectiveness of woodworm when it comes to treating the Candida infections. Woodworm oil also strengthens the immune system making it strong enough to overcome the primary stages of Candida infections.

Now that we’ve established the effect of the essential oil of woodworm against Candida, let’s look at the other health benefits it provides.

  • Anti-helminthic

wormwood-oilThe essential oil from the woodworm tree also acts as a great anti-helminthic drug. A certain powerful ingredient called artemisinin is found on wormwood. Artemisinin helps in eliminating parasitic worms in the body. In fact, a teaspoon of woodworm essential oil mixed in dog food can be helpful in eliminating worms that might be inside the body of your pet.

  • Deodorizing Effect

The high thujone content of Candida can have an effect of odor elimination. However, when using woodworm as a deodorant, it is important to remember to use a minimal as to avoid excess inhalation.

  • Enhances Digestion

The cholagogue effect of the woodworm essential oil can help the secretion and production of the digestive juices in the stomach which helps a great deal in facilitating digestion.

It is important to take Woodworm oil in low and proper doses. It is a 100-percent natural treatment that needs precautionary measures.

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