Major Health Benefits of Guarana

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Guarana has a lot of history with how it’s used as balms and ointments. Its seeds has also been found to have lots ofguarana medicinal properties. Guarana is a tint berry. This red berry is named after the Guarani tribe in the Amazon. Guarana is abundant in Brazil because it is now a major part of today’s modern medicine.

Major Health Benefits of Guarana

-Helps treat digestive disorders.
-Helps with body circulation and promoted brain health and development.
-Helps makes us feel better because guarana contains caffeine.
-Helps boost energy levels that will help you all throughout the day.
-Helps suppress appetite which is great for weight loss.
-Helps promote heart health because guarana aids in removing excess fat in the arteries.
-Helps improve skin health because of its antioxidant properties.
-Helps relieve those annoying PMS symptoms for women.
-Helps reduce pain from headaches and migraines because of guarana’s antibacterial and pain-killing properties.
-Helps with common hair issues such as hair loss and dandruff because guarana has protein and fatty acids that builds up hair follicles keeping the scalp free from dandruff.

The Guarana plant from Brazil well known for its coffee bean sized fruits is a climber belonging to the Maples’ family. The fruits, the guarana berries, have a high caffeine-concentration of about 4.5%. Lally Naturals Guarana Supplement contains 1000 mg of Guarana and provides 200mg of naturally-occurring caffeine.

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