Health Benefits of Brazilian Guarana Powder

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August 27, 2018
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September 2, 2018

Brazilian Guarana PowderGuarana (also known as Paullinia cupana) is commonly found in brazilian guarana powderBrazil and in the Amazon. Guarana is part of the maple family. It has large leaves and lots of flowers but its much more known for its fruits which is as big as coffee beans. Brazilian Guarana Powder are guarana seeds which are ground into powder and used in traditional Amazonian medicine. Indigenous people have been using Guarana seeds in many ways for food, drinks, and medicine.

Brazilian guarana powder is available and are usually in guarana dietary supplements. It effectively boosts energy because guarana is also rich in caffeine, 4-8% more caffeine than in regular coffee beans. Brazilian guarana powder is also in some energy drinks or other beverages because of its energy boosting properties.

Health Benefits of Brazilian Guarana Powder

Millions of people take in guarana seeds in pill or powder form because of its many health benefits such as:

-Fights Fatigue

brazilian guarana powder-Increases Physical Endurance

-Improves Mental Alertness                

-Boosts Your Mood

-Aids in Burning Excess Fat

-Suppresses Appetite

-Helps Relieve Headaches

Guarana seeds or Brazilian guarana powder has many useful properties such as antioxidants, flavonoids, and other vitamins & minerals. Guarana also helpful as skin and body care products. It can be added in your shampoos as well as antidandruff and anti-hair loss product.

Lally Naturals Guarana Supplement contains 1000 mg of Guarana and provides 200mg of naturally-occurring caffeine. It conrains natural brazilian guarana powder providing the best quality.

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