Amazing Health Benefits of Guarana

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August 14, 2018
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Guarana Berries are exotic berries which has many different benefits for our health. Guarana is part of the Maplesguarana family and is known for being as big as a coffee bean. Coincidentally, Guarana berries are also popular for its excellent caffeine content. This small berry can give you more health benefits than just helping boost your energy.

Top Amazing Guarana Health Benefits

Besides Guarana being a natural energy booster, it also has different health benefits such as:

-Guarana helps with losing weight.

Caffeine in guarana help promote weight loss. Guarana has properties which helps in suppressing your appetite. Studies also indicate that guarana helps the fats in our body get converted into energy especially when exercising or doing some kind of physical activity.

– Guarana helps having normal blood circulation in the body.

When circulation of blood is running normally, injuries may be less painful. Same goes with headaches, migraines, menstrual cramps, etc. This benefit makes Guarana berries as good natural analgesics.

-Guarana help lower risk of various heart diseases.

Guarana helps lower risk of different cardiovascular diseases. These berries contain caffeine & catechins which acts as an anti-platelet agent which helps in preventing blood form abnormalities such as thinning, stickiness, & forming clots. Guarana also has antioxidants that fight against free radicals.

-Guarana helps with menstrual problems.

Women may benefit from guarana berries because they can help with painful menstrual cramps and other premenstrual symptoms such as having less energy levels. Guarana can help with improving energy and making women feel less worn out than they usually are during their menstrual cycle.


-Guarana helps improve your sexual life.

Guarana has libido stimulating properties. It is a natural aphrodisiac because of its caffeine content.

-Guarana helps improve digestion.

Guarana can help with having a better digestive system. It naturally helps with bloating, diarrhea, bowel problems. Guarana also helps in detoxifying the body by aiding in the elimination of waste & toxins in the body. Guarana acts as a natural detoxifying agent.

-Guarana helps manage stress.

Guarana is a natural remedy for stress because it contains properties which help calm you down. Guarana can affect and improve your mood, increase alertness, and feeling more positive.

The Guarana plant from Brazil well known for its coffee bean sized fruits is a climber belonging to the Maples’ family. The fruits, the guarana berries, have a high caffeine-concentration of about 4.5%. Lally Naturals Guarana Supplement contains 1000 mg of Guarana and provides 200mg of naturally-occurring caffeine.

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