How Smoking Accelerates Complications of Diabetes

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July 29, 2018
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Diabetes and Smoking – Smoking as we all know is very bad for your health and even more so if you have diabetes-and-smokingdiabetes. Smoking increases the risk of complications and potential fatal diseases. Nicotine in cigarettes hardens and narrows your blood vessels thus curbing the blood flow in your body.

Risks of Smoking

Raises blood sugar. Your body becomes more resistant to insulin leading to a higher blood sugar levels when you smoke. Increased blood sugar levels can lead to serious complications like kidney problems, heart and blood vessels.

Heart and blood vessel damage. Smoking can also cause damage to the cardiovascular system just like diabetes. Persons with diabetes are more likely to develop heart disease or have stroke.  

Respiratory disease. Smoking can lead to pneumonia, chronic bronchitis and other respiratory disease since it directly affect your lungs. Diabetics are more likely to die from pneumonia than non-diabetic persons. Smoking seriously raises the risk of this respiratory disease especially when you have diabetes.

Damages eyes. Diabetes causes higher risk of cataracts and other eye disease like glaucoma. Diabetic retinopathy is also at higher risk if diabetes is poorly controlled. Accelerated development of diabetic retinopathy and resulting to blindness can be due to smoking.

Quit Smoking with the Help of These Tips

  • Stop your smoking habits and exercise to relieve stress.
  • Drink decaffeinated coffee and stop drinking soft drinks with caffeine and alcohol that gives you the urge to smoke.
  • Keep yourself busy. Draw, type, knit and keep your hands full.
  • Set a date when to quit smoking and tell your doctor about it so you will have his support.
  • Spend your time in places where smoking is banned.
  • blood-sugar-supportAsk your family for their support. They can help you quit.
  • Do things that you enjoy to keep your mind off smoking.
  • Ask your doctor for nicotine replacement to curb your smoking cravings. You may use lozenges, patches, gums and nasal sprays.

Diabetes raises the risk of health problems. Smoking accelerates this complications. Nicotine raises your blood sugar. Stop smoking so that you can limit damage to your system and live a healthier life.

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