Guarana Benefits for the Human Body

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August 27, 2018
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August 28, 2018
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Guarana is a tiny berry packed with nutrients and contains health benefits.  Amazonian culture referred this berry guaranaas the “elixir of long life”.  It is a red berry that is mostly found in Brazil and is considered as the source of preventive medicine by the indigenous tribes. Guarana is very popular especially in the medical world because it has various benefits for the human body.

Guarana Benefits for the Human Body

1.Promotes Hair Health

Guarana has proteins and fatty acids which help in dealing with dandruff and hair loss. Guarana can be eaten or can be added in your shampoo or have it boiled.

2.Contains Anti-bacterial Properties

Guarana’s antibacterial properties that support in reducing painful headaches, migraines, other injuries.

3.Aids in PMS Symptoms

Guarana helps in lessening the pain in PMS symptoms. Guarana aids regulating women’s regular menstrual cycle.

4.Promotes Healthy Skin

Guarana can be added to your skin routine and use it as a face mask or a moisturizer. Guarana helps in reducing scars and helps in improving your skin tone.

5.Promotes Heart Health

Guarana aids in a healthy blood circulation which is good for your cardiovascular health. It removes the bad fats that can accumulate in your arteries. Guarana also contains antioxidant components what help in keeping free radical activity to a minimum.

6.Aids in Losing Weight

Guarana helps prevent you from obese-related diseases. Guarana contains properties that helps in making you feel less hungry and lessens your cravings.

7.Natural Source of Energy

guaranaSurprisingly, guarana contains more caffeine compared to coffee beans. Guarana is healthier because it keeps your energy levels high compared to coffee which makes you feel less energetic after consumption.

8.Helps Reduce Stress

Guarana contains caffeine which is what makes people feel better when they drink coffee. Because of this, guarana may help in improving one’s mood and have a clearer mind.

9.Improves Digestion

Guarana has fiber which helps with regulating and maintaining a healthy gut. Having a healthy gut helps the body be free from diseases.

This is only shows that guarana does have many nutritional benefits and should be added to your diet for a healthier life. The Guarana plant from Brazil well known for its coffee bean sized fruits is a climber belonging to the Maples’ family. The fruits, the guarana berries, have a high caffeine-concentration of about 4.5%. Lally Naturals Guarana Supplement contains 1000 mg of Guarana and provides 200mg of naturally-occurring caffeine.

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