How to Prevent Yeast Infections

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April 23, 2016
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Candida yeast is a natural microorganism found in the vagina. A form of bacteria called Lactobacillus is responsible for keeping yeast growth in check.

Occasionally, a hormonal imbalance may prevent the bacterium from working effectively. If vaginal yeast mcandida-infectionultiplies too quickly it is likely to cause a vaginal yeast infection.

A specific strain called Candida albicans is the most common cause of yeast infections and in general, a yeast infection is easy to treat.

However, recurring yeast infections or those that fail to respond to conventional treatment may be caused by a different candida strain. Visit the doctor and ask for a lab test to clarify the type of candida infection.

Some women are already aware of the root cause of the infection; for instance, a course of antibiotics can lead to a yeast infection. Learn to recognize the risks to help you prevent further yeast infections:

Here are some simple ways to control vaginal bacteria growth to learn how to prevent yeast infections:How-to-Prevent-Yeast-Infections

  • Avoid wearing leggings, tights, pantyhose or tight pants
  • Avoid using scented tampons, pads or feminine deodorants
  • Change feminine products frequently
  • Launder underwear in hot water
  • Avoid douching
  • Wear natural fibers such as silk, linen or cotton
  • Enjoy a well-balanced diet
  • Take supplements containing Lactobacillus
  • Eat yogurt
  • Avoid hot tub baths and sitting in hot tubs
  • Don’t sit around in a wet bathing suit or wet clothing

The symptoms of vaginal yeast infection are uncomfortable and unpleasant; so it is important to learn how to prevent yeast infections.

Most Candida Cleanse supplements include a gentle blend of enzyme’s, herbs, probiotics and mushroom extract designed to restore a healthy balance.

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