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May 7, 2016
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Vaginal yeast infections also known by the medical term are common in women.

This infection is caused by a fungus known as Candida. This candidiasis fungus can cause irritation as well as itching and swelling.


The Mayo Clinic has stated that are one point in their lives three out of four women will suffer from a yeast infection. Once you get this infection you are more likely to get another one at some point.

Yeast infections can spread by sexual contact but they are not considered to be a sexually transmitted infection. Depending on the severity of the yeast infection they can be easy to treat.

The Candida form of yeast is found naturally in the vagina. The lactobacillus bacteria regulates the levels. An imbalance in the system can lead to the growth of yeast and the symptoms of an infection appear.

Yeast infections are often caused by Candida albicanbis. These infections are usually easy to treat. If a woman is having reoccurring infections and cannot get rid of the symptoms then another strain of the Candida bacteria may be present. A doctor will be able to test the infection and tell what strain of Candida is causing the infection.

The imbalance of yeast can be caused by:

  • Antibiotics lowering the amount of good bacteria in the vagina
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes that is not well controlled
  • A weakened immune system
  • Lack of proper diet including too much sugar
  • Hormonal imbalance occurring when you are menstruating
  • Stress
  • Not getting enough sleep

There are some natural remedies to help treat a yeast infection.

Most Candida Support supplements include blends of herbs, enzymes, mushroom extracts, and probiotics targeted to treat Candida. It will help slow the growth of the yeast.

Here are some of the ingredients used to help control Candida:

  • Oregano leaf extract contains a number of biocides including Thymol, Cavactrol and may help slow the growth of the yeast.yeast-infection-home-treatment
  • Magnesium Caprylate is found in foods such as coconuts and will target the Candida bacteria. It will break down the members of the yeast cells and fight it from the inside out.
  • Wormwood Leaf Power is from an ornamental plant that has parasites in its body. While this may be harmful for humans it will help slow and eliminate unwanted bacteria including Candida.
  • Cellulase and Protease are enzymes that will eat the cells walls of the Candida as well as the nucleus. There are no unpleasant side effects and the Candida will be dead in no time.
  • Reishi mushrooms will help support the immune system. They will also be able to help balance out the systems of the body and eliminate Candida.
  • Adcidophilus is a strain of probiotics that will help store levels of healthy bacteria in the vagina and has antibiotic effects on the immune system. It can help restore the levels of health bacteria found in the body.
  • Aloe Vera has many health benefits and is able to lower pH level. Candida needs an acidic environment to grow and aloe can decrease acidity.
  • Black Walnuts have natural antioxidants that will be able to fight off Candida.
  • Anise seeds also have antixoidants that will be able to kill the Candida cells.
  • Arabinoglactan is a starch like chemicals that occurs in a number of plants including larch tress. It is commonly found in many supplements. These chemicals can help increase health bacteria levels and will help support the immune system to fight off the yeast infection.

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