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May 16, 2016
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Calcium from coral is mainly calcium carbonate. It is usually utilized as a calcium supplement. Coral calcium is extracted from coral beds along Coastlines. After mining, it is powdered into fine particles then heated. Scientific research shows that coral calcium might have certain health benefits. All the same, one should seek medical advice before attempting to prevent or treat anyCoral-Calcium-Benefits condition using coral calcium. Here are three coral calcium benefits:


“Biomaterials,” which is a study published in 2009, showed that coral calcium has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are important health components. They work on the cellular levels thus decreasing the occurrence of disease. When cells utilize oxygen to produce energy, they release harmful products known as free radicals which may damage or kill healthy cells. However, antioxidants prevent the harmful effect of free radicals by attaching onto their surface.

Accelerated Senescence

Accelerated senescence refers to rapid aging. Another coral calcium benefit is that it can stop this from happening. The study on Biomaterials showed that coral calcium was able to prevent accelerated senescence from the brain of mice. The calcium supplement worked on the mice brains by interfering with the process of genes associated with cellular preservation.

Bone formation

Coral calcium helps to promote the growth of healthy bones. Oral Implantology is a study that was published in 2010. It showed that bone tissue is developed in the presence of calcium. The research team planted graphs containing coral calcium into bones of mice. The effect was accelerated bone growth as compared to the controls. The study showed that the coral calcium improved bone growth by about 36%. Thus, coral calcium supplement can be used to enhance bone development.

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