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People could be forgiven for believing that flaxseed is a new discovered super food, possibly more beneficial tHow-Much-Flaxseed-Per-Dayhen either salmon or kale. In fact the Ancient Greeks not only knew about flaxseed they frequently used it. Hippocrates even wrote about it some 2,500 years ago.

It has been in the last decade or so that the qualities and content of flaxseed have been evaluated in any meaningful way. Those evaluations have shown that it is packed full of goodness that can treat information or lower the risks of cancer.

Research has shown that just a single 1000 mg serving of flaxseed a day could have great health benefits. People that suffer from arthritis and similar conditions, or those that wish to drastically reduce their risks of developing cancer should take one serving every day.

Flaxseed is usually in the form of an oil or ground into a powder. Taken in oil form all of the components are concentrated and therefore increase the benefits.

No other plant based extract can provide those benefits in one dose. It contains omega 3, fatty acids, as well as lignans.

These ingredients mean that flaxseed can markedly reduce swelling around joints, cholesterol levels, and lower the risk of heart disease besides cancer.

Flaxseed is an excellent source for flavonoids, especially o-glycosides, and flavone-C,  and which inhibit platelet aggregation, capillary permeability and  lipid peroxidation, which leads to lower chances of heart disease.

Without a doubt then flaxseed is a super food meaning that taking it daily will improve your health.

Aside from the minerals and compounds already mentioned it is high in both soluble and insoluble fiber. Now fiber constitutes some 28% of flaxseed and it improves it’s cancer and heart disease fighting properties even further.

Flaxseed should not be taken by people taking blood thinning or cholesterol reducing medication already.

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