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According to research conducted by several molecular biologists at Rice University, it has been established that 70% of the population is affected by Candida, a fungal infection.

Contrary to popular belief, Candida is very common. It can often be found on the skin, in the mouth, and even in the intestines. By penetrating epithelial barriers, it can cause issues that are both systemic and superficial.Candida Infection

Noteworthy Finding

Julia Koehler, a Harvard University fellow in diseases that are infectious, found that Candida is predominant behind diseases in humans. Ms. Koehler has stated that it is responsible for about 60% of fungal infection that are attained in hospitals, which ends up killing 1 in 3 people who are dealing with a bloodstream infection.

Due to its ability to change form, Julia Koehler went on to say that she considers this fungus to be extremely dangerous. When one’s immunity is low, it can take over and cause a variety of different implications to arise.

There are several reasons as to why fungal infections like Candida are becoming more common than ever before. Causes are related to weakened adrenals, weakened immunity, and low levels of minerals that are necessary to maintain an alkaline blood environment.

Common Reasons for the Arise of Candida

Change in Gut Diversity

When there is less diversity in the gut microbiome, one’s body is more susceptible to pathogens. This results in the downfall of the immune system, making it weaker.

High Use of Prescription Drugsyeast infection treatment

Since prescription drugs tend to create acid in one’s bloodstream, the immunity is meaningfully weaken when taken.

AIDS/HIV Patients

People who have AIDS or HIV are highly susceptible to fungal infections due to possessing a low immunity.

Low-Quality Food Intake

Even if one is eating healthy, compared to the way healthy foods were back in the day, both don’t come close to each other, as agricultural practices that are conducted in this time period deplete the soil of several important minerals. This causes one to be more susceptible to a fungal infection.

Stay Vigilant

Candida should not be ignored. One has to be well prepared before flare-ups began to appear due to a variety of different matters, including stress, illness, and even pregnancy.

Thankfully, there are natural Candida cleanse supplements that can aid meaningfully in making this issue a thing of the past.

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