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June 4, 2017
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Searching on Goggle for “Natural treatments for hair loss” will yield a comprehensive number of supplements, tonics, and creams.

Although there hasn’t been much research on natural remedies for loss of hair, there are a few which can be useful for keeping your tresses over time if they are falling out.

There may be more hair on your hairbrush for a number of reasons. For example, the menopause, thyroid issues, and deficiencies in vitamins can all cause loss of hair.

If your hair loss is a symptom of a primary medical condition, the latter will need to be treated first before the hair loss decreases.

Some nutrients that might be of benefit in dealing with hair loss are as follows:


If you are anemic or deficient in iron, hair loss can result. The recommendation from the Cleveland Clinic is that iron supplements should only be used if it is established that you actually have iron deficiency anemia.

Biotin and Zinc

People with metabolic disorders often have brittle nails and thin hair which can be the result of a deficiency in biotin and/or zinc.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is sometimes proposed as a method to stimulate hair growth but according to the National Institutes of Health, the research evidence to support this claim is scarce.

Supplements and Other Medications

The decision to take supplements for hair loss should be discussed with your physician who will alert you to any possible side effects and interactions with other prescribed medications.

Although you don’t need a prescription to take supplements, it is best practice to inform your doctor who needs to have comprehensive information about all your prescribed medication and supplements.

Some Suggestions for Dealing with Hair Losssaw palmetto hair loss

  • It is a good idea to color your scalp with products designed for this in order to disguise the hair loss.
  • Using hair extensions is a method of increasing volume.
  • A short haircut is a good idea so that your hair doesn’t look so thin.
  • As the crown is where hair loss commonly occurs, a side parting in your hair can be used to disguise this.
  • There are hair products available for increasing volume, which can be effective in giving the hair the appearance of being thicker.
  • Avoid physical and emotional stress, which can be a contributing factor in hair loss.

Remember that sometimes an increased amount of hair loss is completely normal, for example, following a pregnancy or while going through the menopause.

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