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October 7, 2016
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October 9, 2016
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In order to have good blood pressure, it is important that the blood vessels and heart are maintained properly.

There are supplements available to help lower blood pressure. These supplements are nutritional and repair the cardiovascular system. They provide nutritional substances that are needed to produce energy for a healthy heart and body.supplements-to-lower-blood-pressure

Herbs for High Blood Pressure

Green Tea

When it comes to high blood pressure it can be caused by arteries that are constricted. When the arteries are constricted the blood does not flow freely. By drinking green tea you can help reverse these effects.

Green tea helps the arteries contract and expands to resume normal function.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can help correct hypertension by lowering it.

There has been a connection found that people with a high intake of vitamin C have lower blood pressure.

Although there has not been enough research done to prove that vitamin C lowers hypertension there is a connection.


Consider garlic since it is a natural supplement that can help lower blood pressure.

Garlic works by getting rid of toxins and has been known to help with hypertension. Once the toxins are reduced it can help relieve high blood pressure.

Garlic helps the blood flow free.

If the blood does not flow free it can cause clogged blood vessels.

These clogged blood vessels cause blood clots.

Garlic is a healthy supplement that reduces hypertension.

Hibiscus Flower Extract

To relieve mild hypertension the hibiscus flower tea can be used. Research was conducted that showed hibiscus tea helped lower blood pressure for those that consumed it compared to those who did not.

Since hibiscus flower is packed with anti-oxidants it helps the heart operate correctly by maintaining proper blood flow and circulation.

Olive Leaf olive-leaf-extract

The benefits of the olive leaf have been used for centuries.

It is known to be beneficial to help lower blood pressure.

A study has been conducted that found a component called oleuropein.

With oleuropein, it uses the plant in a different way.

Oleuropein helps with blood circulation and helps the rhythm of the heart beat correctly.

By trying different combinations it can help lower blood pressure.

It is also advised that reducing stress and having a healthy lifestyle will help reduce your chances of having high blood pressure.

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