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Up until the last past two years, most doctors and medical associations would say that there was natural-health-supplementsno need to take a health supplement as long as you were eating a healthy diet that contained a variety of foods.

However, the American Medical Association and the Food and Drug Administration have changed their stance and admitted that most diets should be supplemented with minerals, vitamins, and other alternative health supplements.

Most People Need Natural Health Supplements

On the FDA’s website, you can read all about their new position regarding natural health and nutritional supplements.

Here’s a brief recap. The addition of vitamins, minerals, and fiber can help meet special dietary/ nutritional needs. Individuals with special nutritional needs include:

  • Young children
  • Older people
  • People suffering from various illnesses, including asthma, high cholesterol, heart conditions, hypertension, and diabetes
  • Women who may become pregnant
  • People under significant stress
  • People taking medications that can impact how the body metabolizes food

Essentially, almost everyone, with the exception of young males who are in excellent shape and eat a healthy diet that consists of all the food groups in the appropriate proportions will benefit from including high quality natural health supplements in their daily routine.

Natural Health Supplements Complement Healthy Diets

natural-supplementsThe FDA makes sure to state “…supplements do not supply all of the nutrients and other substances present in foods that are important to health.” We couldn’t agree more.

Health supplements are not meant to be a substitute for a healthy diet. For your overall health, it is important to eat a wide variety of foods from all of the food groups.

In today’s modern world, it can be almost impossible to get enough nutrients from diet alone.

While numerous studies have proven why vitamins and minerals are so important to our health, our diet lacks these nutrients for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Our soil is stripped of nutrients due to over farming.
  • Nitrogen and other artificial nutrients are often used to fertilize the soil.
  • Foods are often genetically modified, which depletes their nutritional value.
  • Pesticides, which contain harmful chemicals, are sprayed on foods.

Adding a quality health supplement acts an excellent source of any nutrients your diet may be lacking.

Natural Health Supplements Can Help Protect the Body From Pollutants

Industrialization has polluted the earth, sky, and water. Unfortunately, these pollutants have managed to impact some of whatnatural-vitamin-supplements used to be our healthiest food options.

For example, fish often contains high levels of poisonous mercury. The air is filled with smoke, smog, and other chemicals that we breathe in and also enter our bodies through our skin and the foods we eat.

Groundwater, which is necessary to sustain the plants we eat, is frequently contaminated with a variety of chemicals and pollutants.

Studies conducted all over the world have proven that many of the nutrients that have been stripped from our foods offer crucial protection for our bodies. This includes vitamins C, D, E, and B complex, as well as essential fatty acids that are found in fish and specific vegetable oils. They all have powerful antioxidant properties, which play a critical role in metabolism and protecting the body from contaminants.

Natural Health Supplements Counteract the Processes that Strip our Foods of Essential Nutrients

Modern food processing strips even more nutrients from our foods. In fact, by the time most foods reach your table, they have just a fraction of the nutrients the same food had 50 to 100 years ago.all-natural-supplements

When you also consider our tendency to eat plenty of highly processed convenience foods, it’s easy to see why the rates of numerous illnesses related to poor nutrition are skyrocketing.

High Quality Supplements Provide Nutrients that Modern Diets Lack

Some of the most important nutrients we need, such as vitamins C, D, E, and all the B vitamins, biotin, lutein, alpha lipoic acid, and DHEA, are exactly what is lacking in our diet.

Fortunately, high quality supplements can provide them.

It’s very important to select your health supplements wisely because the FDA doesn’t regulate or oversee nutritional supplements. Instead, supplement manufacturers rely on self-regulation to guarantee quality ingredients are being used, labels are truthful, and the dosage and packaging are safe.

We highly recommend using only natural health supplements by trusted manufacturers, such as Lally Naturals. Their products are made in the US and they only use the finest natural and organic ingredients.

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