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June 12, 2017
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Benefits Of Hawthorn Berry

Coming from the family of roses, hawthorns grow in most parts of the world. Though they are thorny, it is their fruits known that are important to humanity.

Basing from reports provided by University of Maryland Medical Center, the hawthorn berries continue to serve as treatment to heart problems ever since the first century.

Traditionally, people used the berry tea as a cure to the following diseases:

  • Chest pain
  • Heart failure
  • Hardening arteries
  • High blood pressure

The hawthorn berries, flowers and leaves have antioxidants that enable them serve their function of providing heart health properly.

Chest Pain and Heart Failure

Ever since the ancient times, the hawthorn berry served as a source of chest pains relief and other heart complications.

Today, medical studies show that the plant’s leaves flowers and berries can reduce symptoms such as fatigue and difficulty in breathing.

Though not scientifically proven, hawthorn berry tea can also provide the same effects though in small quantities.

Hawthorn for High Blood Pressure

Basing on studies done in 2002, the “phytotherapy Research” came up with a report that showed hawthorn extracts provided positive effects on people suffering from high blood pressure.

The study, which focused on small doses of hawthorn extracts, confirmed that the products were useful especially where the patient suffered from high blood pressure due to stress.

Hawthorn to Soothe Heartache

While it is true that medicine only serves to reduce physical pain, medical professionals say that the emotional system also plays a huge role.

It is also important that when you suffer from any heart condition, you should visit a doctor before using and hawthorn extract supplements.

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