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April 14, 2016
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Health benefits of Mushrooms – Mushrooms have long been surrounded by mystery and magic. They have come to play a vital role as medicinal which help to activate the immune system and help fight cancer too.

As fruits of mycelium, which are filamentous cobweb-like cellular network, they only last for a few days therefore adding the excitement for the hunters.

Mushrooms are available in diverse shapes, color and texture even when they belong to the same species. Among the 140,000 species of the mushroom forming fungi, experts have only been familiar with 10%.Reishi-Mushrooms-Benefits

There are supplements that offer the added boon which include mycelia of the mushroom that has health benefits like increased energy production and focus.

100 species of mushroom are currently being studied for their health promoting benefits and half of the 100 species have the ability of boosting one’s immune system therefore helping to fight and prevent cancer.

Mushrooms contain long chain polysaccharides namely alpha and beta glucan molecules, which have the benefits of improving one’s immune system. One study has revealed that one to two servings of dried shiitake mushrooms improve the immune system.

Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms

Ganoderma lucidum is known to be a medicinal mushroom that is found in Lingzhi, China and Reishi, Japan. It contains a vital compound called ganoderic acid, which helps to treat lung cancer, leukemia and other cancers.

The compound has shown promise of helping to reduce obesity. Mice were fed unhealthy diet resulting in 42 grams in weight after 2 months. When they were fed a high dose of mushroom extract, they reached 35 grams. Apart from that, levels of inflammation and insulin resistance were reduced.

health-benefits-of-mushroomsMajority of mushrooms contain 90% water while the 10% consists of protein, fiber and a small amount of fat. Vitamins and minerals like potassium and calcium are contained in it too.

Mushrooms contain bioactive molecules, which include terpenoids, steroids, phenols and other essential amino acids. Polysaccharides are found in them and they have different properties, which include anti inflammatory, hypoglycemic, anti-ulcer, anti-tumorigenic and immune-stimulating.

This is why it’s easy to understand why Reishi mushrooms benefits are present especially for their medicinal properties. Ancient Egypt used mushrooms because they believed they brought long life and this is true after studying phytochemicals.

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