Detecting Early Signs of Prostatic Hyperplasia

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Prostatic Hyperplasia – Throughout a man’s lifetime, he experiences two phases of prostate growth. First is Prostatic Hyperplasiaduring puberty and the second phase starts at the age of 25 and continues throughout his lifetime. However, a certain condition where the prostate grows abnormally large (prostatic hypertrophy) can occur in some men especially the older ones.

The formal medical term for this condition is Benign Prostate Hyperplasia or BPH. Since this condition is benign it will not and cannot lead to cancer. However, both can occur at the same time.

Although prostatic hypertrophy will not lead to cancer, it can still lead to certain complications such as urinary tract infection, urination problems, unusual blood in the urine. What usually happens is when the prostate enlarges it can cause an obstruction in the part of the urethra close to the bladder thereby reducing the ability of the bladder to empty itself completely.

You can, however, detect prostatic hypertrophy by noticing this signs and symptoms:

  • Frequent need to pee especially during at night (nocturia).
  • Sudden need to pee.
  • Having difficulties in starting urination.
  • Slow urination
  • Pee dribbles after urination
  • Stream of urine starts and stops mid-way

What Happens if BPH is Left Untreated?

BPH, without intervention and treatment can lead to various health complications. One is eventually losing the ability to control your bladder. In severe cases, most people with untreated BPH wet their beds at night while they sleep or they might not arrive to the bathroom in time to urinate.Prostatic-Hyperplasia

In addition, since BPH causes some pee to be retained in the bladder, it can cause urinary tract infection or develop bladder stones. These conditions could advance without the right treatment. So it’s important to consult your doctor immediately when you notice the signs of symptoms of prostatic hypertrophy.

It is also important to incorporate a healthy diet with these natural remedies. To make sure that your prostate is in great shape, check in with your doctor regularly. Lally Naturals Prostate Support includes 100% natural ingredients to nutritionally support a healthy prostate. This prostate supplement offers a unique blend of 33 ingredients including Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle, Selenium, Graviola, Pumpkin Seed, Goldenseal and Juniper Berry. Each herb plays a role in prostate protection, from promoting good urine flow and healthy prostate function.

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