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The therapeutic properties of soursop – The Siver Times

The Siver Times

Do you know soursop? No ? Yet, this deciduous tree native to tropical America and Africa produced a popular fruit herbalists, but also in the pharmaceutical industry. Rich in nutrients, soursop also has many medicinal properties. A fruit to discover them …

Its Composition

Given its high carbohydrate content, it is not surprising that the soursop is first seen as a calorie source by indigenous peoples, Graviola-Annona-Muricatasource even more important than its weight can be around 4-5 kg. If the fruit is mainly composed of water, it also contains valuable components which give it its many virtues.

Rich in vitamin C, soursop also contains minerals, fiber, protein, iron and other lipids. In short, it is primarily a food that is often consumed as juice extracted from white flesh, plain or cooked. However, it must be cleared of black beans known to be indigestible.

Its Properties

With the richness of its components, it is easy to imagine that soursop displayed on its meter countless therapeutic and medicinal properties. And so as the fruit, also called Annona muricata or graviola, is both a powerful diuretic, an excellent hypotensive or a great regulator of body functions.

Indeed, it is used to purify the liver or to maintain the balance of sugar levels in the blood . On the other hand, the soursop can also register as part of a treatment against sleeping disorders , the depression or the stress .

Its antimicrobial properties make it an effective bulwark against bacterial attacks, fungal or parasitic. On the digestive level, it facilitates transit and a particularly effective antispasmodic.

Soursop and Cancer

It did not take very long for the scientific community is interested in countless virtues of soursop on human health. Interested in this multifunctional fruit, researchers have succeeded in highlighting its effects on certain cancer diseases such as breast cancer , ovarian, pancreatic, liver, lungs or intestines. Thus, soursop leaves have revealed a significant anticancer power fighting


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Drink Your Rooibos? Natural Cancer Remedies — Sorting Fact From Fiction – Huffington Post

Drink Your Rooibos? Natural Cancer Remedies — Sorting Fact From FictionHuffington PostDifferent part of the soursop plant have anti-cancer properties. shutterstock. A member of the custard apple family fruit tree, Annona muricata, which is more commonly known as soursop, graviola or guayabano, is extensively eaten by indigenous …

The tropical guayabano fruit

A member of the custard apple family fruit tree, Annona muricata, which is more commonly known as soursop, graviola or Annona-Muricataguayabano, is extensively eaten by indigenous communities in the tropical parts of northern Africa and South America.

It is an oval-shaped, dark green, prickly fruit with a mildly acidic, whitish flesh.

When the plant was put through scientific tests, studies found that several parts had potentially potent anti-cancer properties.

This was particularly shown to be the case when used as an adjunct treatment.

Research showed that the leaves have active ingredients that possess anti-cancer properties that kill lung, prostate, colon, breast, and pancreatic cancer cells.

Its seeds display properties that perform the same task that chemotherapy treatment would, killing breast, oral and lung cancer cells. And its fruit component has anti-prostate cancer potential.

Traditionally, the leaves and or roots would have been brewed or crushed for consumption, and the fruit eaten. But extracts of the active ingredients from the leaves have been made into tablets and sold commercially.

These are taken in conjunction with conventional chemotherapy.

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