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eye-supplementsAre eye supplements appropriate for you?

Advertisements for eye supplements are very visible.

They are on TV, magazines, online ads, and even at the doctors’ offices.

There is a wealth of research from reliable sources, such as the Mayo Clinic, that indicate that eye supplements may promote better eye health.

The vitamin aisles in pharmacies display many individual supplements and multi-vitamin formulas that contain vitamin eye supplements.

The National Eye Institute emphasizes that a healthy diet is an important factor in eye health.

Most people probably do not eat enough nutrient-rich foods to have a positive effect on eye health; therefore, your doctor may request that you take a supplement for eye health.

Who Should Consider Using Eye Supplements?

There is a popular focus on eye health and eye supplements. It is especially important to note that everyone does not need eye supplements.

Results from medical studies indicate that eye supplements are appropriate for people with the following conditions:

Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

There are different stages of AMD, intermediate and advanced. It may be present in one or both eyes.

Supplements may slow down the progression of the AMD. Eye supplements do not prevent AMD.


eye-supplementThe use of eye supplements to prevent or treat glaucoma is in its infancy stage. The Mayo Clinic’s research indicates that folic acid may reduce the risk of glaucoma. Another trial shows that Vitamin C may decrease the chances of getting glaucoma.

Eye supplements for slowing the progression of AMD have been used for several years. More research is needed to determine the effectiveness of eye supplements for treating glaucoma.

What Should You Look For in an Eye Supplement?

Check the label on any supplement you consider. There are several nutrients and components that need to be present for eye health.

This list includes:

Also, there are specific claims that to look for on labels:

  • Helps the eye to produce melanin
  • Absorbs light that damages the eye
  • Helps keep retina cells healthy

It is important to read labels on supplements. This helps you to be able to make healthy decisions.

Final Verdict

Eye supplements,such as Lutein, are well-known for promoting eye health.

Most researchers suggest that if you have AMD, you can benefit from specific eye supplements.

If you have glaucoma, you may wish to read more information about using eye supplements.

Before  you try any eye supplements, discuss the benefits or concerns with your eye doctor.

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