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The terms Candida and Thrush are one and the same thing. Thrush can be said to be an older name, which was used before, and as much as I can remember, the word majority of the people used was Thrush Mouth, which helped to explain the beginning of the condition, which was the mouth.

The term white tongue explains a sign where people have Thrush therefore the term Thrush mouth. The newer term, Candida, is used more often since the fungus that causes the condition Thrush is known as Candida.

Candida or Thrush Home Spit Testcandida-spit-test

To conduct the test, the first thing you need to do every morning is to spit into a clear glass filled with water. You need to use a 10 to 14 ounce clear drinking cup. Proceed by spitting gently on the water surface and watch it form. If the spit forms into a nice cohesive blob, then you are Candida free. If you leave the spit on the water surface for few minutes, when you come to check and find it has developed long strands like tendrils, which dissolve into the glass of water, then you may have Candida. If you check and find out that your spit has spread over the water surface, this may indicate that you have Candida too.

In order to confirm that you have Candida, when you perform the Candida Spit Test, you need to check out for the following signs:

a.Long strands that look like tendrils and they dissolve into the glass of water.

b.Your spit has spread over the water surface.

c.In the water, suspended particles appear in the middle of the glass.

Note: In order to have sure results, you need to seek your doctor’s advice. Do not rely on the results of the test only.

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