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Calcium is mostly used in the bones that are contained within the human body. On the other hand, perhaps the most vital process of cellular function is calcium signaling. If this malfunctions in any way, the end result can see the body suffer from various effects of poor health. In terms of coral calcium, there are actually only a few different studies that are available pertaining to non-bone research involving this. There aren’t any firm health benefits that can be taken from these actual studies, despite the fact that they are extremely intriguing.

Coral calcium was first used for medicinal purposes in Europe back in the Middle Ages. This is when traders who came from AsiaBenefits-of-Coral-Calcium before it was distributed throughout both Europe and the Mediterranean brought it to Italy. This substance was used for a myriad of issues, including eye inflammation/diseases, strengthening the heart, and various types of bleeding issues. Unfortunately, there is currently no data available regarding exactly how coral calcium was used for any of these issues.

There is also one animal study available regarding coral calcium as it pertains to colon cancer, which shows that this substance was able to inhibit the overall growth of colon cancer itself, specifically boosting the number of both natural killer cells and macrophages in a manner that is completely dose-dependent. As a result, metastasis to the lungs became significantly improved. Furthermore, when plain calcium carbonate was used, there was no real effect. This study, as a result, shows that both forms of calcium are not the same and that, when used as a calcium supplement, coral calcium contained more immune-boosting properties.

In terms of viruses, there is also one study involving coral calcium, which shows that viruses such as type A and B flu strains, H1N1, and H5N1 were attracted to the porous cell structures of the crystalline surfaces of the coral minerals themselves, which essentially worked to neutralize all of the viruses. This led to the belief that coral calcium would be a useful tool against a pandemic-type of virus.

There is also a study involving coral calcium and anti-aging as well. This study involved a mouse that was genetically programmed for aging quickly, where researchers studied what effects coral calcium would have on the animal. Researchers then enhanced various genes to support both molecular signaling and antioxidant function. In the end, researchers felt that their study was able to demonstrate many different anti-aging properties.

All in all, there are many topics involving coral calcium that are worth discussing, such as all of the anti-viral, anti-aging, and anti-oxidant properties that the substance contains. In the end, it could help to clarify the overall value of such an important supplement.

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