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Candida in Men – Natural Candida Cleansing

Candida in men is much more prevalent today than what many believe. Many men will never realize they have an infection though because they are built different than women. Where women will get a vaginal yeast infection, men obviously don’t. Usually men get an intestinal infection but they just rub off the symptoms as normal.Candida in Men

Uncircumcised men though get penile yeast infections at an astounding rate. So much so that they lead women in this area verses vaginal yeast infections. If you have a penile yeast infection please see the link at the bottom of this page so you know how you can treat it.

Candida can grow on the skin and sometimes men can be carriers of skin yeast on their penis. The skin is about 77 degrees so the candida infection lies dormant and has no effect upon the man. He has no visible symptoms so he has no idea it is there. However, everytime he has sex with a woman, that woman gets a vaginal yeast infection. At this point it can be passed back and forth between partners.

Most of the time candida in men is restricted to the digestive tract. Let’s face it, a lot of men have gas all the time and other candida treatment for mendigestive problems yet they think nothing of it. They think its normal and some men think its funny to go around polluting the atmosphere at others expense. These problems can be caused by candida because it ferments many of the foods you eat and candida releases alcohol’s as it eats.

Antibiotics are the single greatest cause of candida in men although poor diets do contribute. Beer, wheat products, peanuts, sugar and fructose all aggravate the infection. This will gradually reduce the amount of good bacteria to bad bacteria/yeast ratio in the intestine and in time, the candida can get out of control.

Common candida in men symptoms include, gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea, indigestion, sexual dysfunction, irritability and mood swings, lack of energy, memory loss, jock itch, dry skin, athletes feet, bad breath and sometimes, although very rare, prostate problems. They also can develop a craving for sweets and breads just like women do.

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Can Men Get Yeast Infections – What Every Man Must Know

Can men get yeast infections?

Men can get yeast infections by having unprotected sex with someone who has a yeast infection or by developing candida overgrowth.candida men

A common misconception about candida overgrowth is that only women get it where in fact yeast and candida overgrowth are common causes of yeast infections in men as well.

A lot of men have fungal infections and male yeast infection symptoms all over their body for years as a result of a systemic candida overgrowth.

In many of these cases, the candida overgrowth problem is only identified once the symptoms become more severe.

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Candida Symptoms in Men – 7 Signs of Candida in Men – Ezine Articles › Health and Fitness › Mens Issues

If you want to know about Candida symptoms in men then you’ll want to read this.

Candida symptoms in men can be confused with other conditions so you should always consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Here, you’ll discover 7 of the most common signs of male Candida, plus, the causes and your treatment options.

Here are the 7 most common candida symptoms in men…

– red / inflamed and swollen glanscandida symptoms in men
– serious itching
– burning sensation
– blister-like spots which can ‘weep’
– pain when peeing
– painful sex
– impotency / difficulty having sex

But there are other, less well known, candida symptoms in men; here are just a few…

– continual fatigue
– muscle stiffness and soreness
– stiff and sore joints
– diarrhea
– constipation
– skin lesions
– acne

But what causes the signs and symptoms of Candida?

The cause of Candida in men and women is the yeast-like fungus called Candida Albicans which occurs naturally in our bodies.

Our ‘friendly’ bacteria keeps it under control so that it doesn’t usually cause any problems.

But if your good bacteria numbers are insufficient to do this effectively the Candida Albicans can overgrow, causing a Candida infection. This is also known as Yeast Infection and Candidiasis.

The triggers for this are things like diabetes, a lowered immune system, stress, antibiotics overuse, steroids overuse, poor nutrition, drug taking, medical conditions like cancer and HIV/AIDS, etc., and, although sex isn’t a ’cause’ it can ‘transfer’ the infection.

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