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November 15, 2016
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What is saw palmetto?

Saw palmetto is a plant that is classified as a fan palm that belongs to North America. It is located mainly in the southeast area near the eastern and Gulf coasts.

The name that scientist use for this unique plant is called Serenoa reopens and its distinctive characteristics causes it be the sole species found within the Serenoa, genus family.what-is-saw-palmetto-good-for

It is a very tough and long-lived plant, because of that some saw palmetto plants live for over 700 years.

The greatest height of this fan palm is just 10 feet, and they usually grow in big bunches or clumps, commonly among the roots of other trees.

The petiole of the Serenoa reopens is enclosed in pointy teeth or spines, which can tear the skin, giving the plant its general name.

The fruit, on the other hand, is the most important part of this plant, because it is a food source for both animals and humans.

The typical uses of this drupe fruit, which is black or reddish brown, change greatly as the one of a kind composition of its natural compounds make it efficient for treating a lot of diverse health conditions.

The fruit can be consumed in its natural form, but the saw palmetto extract, which comes from the fruit part of the plant, can also be eaten in capsule, tablet forms or tincture.

Almost all of the health benefits come from the sterols and fatty acids in saw palmetto extract.

The strong compounds in saw palmetto can make it difficult for the chemical pathways of other medications, so make sure to talk to a medical professional before starting treatment with herbal supplements of this rare plant.

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