Turmeric & Curcumin: What are they and their Benefits

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August 15, 2019
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Turmeric is a very famous type of spice that is commonly found in curry. Turmeric is one of the most potent herbs known to help fight off diseases. There are thousands of studies and articles to date providing details of proof of turmeric’s healing properties, and have lauded the herb and one of its compounds, curcumin, as one of the most useful substances in reversing disease as well.and have lauded the herb and one of its compounds, curcumin, as one of the mostturmeric useful substances in reversing disease as well.

The medicinal properties turmeric brings to the table has made it as equally useful and helpful with the other substances such as ginger, garlic, cinnamon, & ginseng.

The Benefits of Turmeric

In order to better understand and comprehend the actual benefits and lack of side effects that turmeric and curcumin offer, here are a few ways that these natural remedies trump pharmaceutical-grade prescriptions.

1) Anticoagulants and Anti-platelets

Most medical procedures involve substances such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and even Plavix to slow bleeding and prevent the blood from clotting. Using anticoagulants can lead to hemorrhages, headaches, excessive bleeding, and unnecessary pain from misuse or overdosing. Turmeric on the other hand has no side effects, unless taken in massive doses. Just like any medicine taken in great quantities it is possible to OD.

2) Anti-depressants

To date turmeric has not been tested on humans suffering depression, but has been shown to alleviate this problem in animals.

3) Anti-inflammatories

Curcumin has been seen to be effective in many areas, but as an anti-inflammatory agent it has excelled. In the journal, Oncogene, it was found that curcumin was among the most powerful anti-inflammatory substances in the world.

4) Arthritis

Given that it is such a useful substance when dealing inflammation, curcumin was shown to be highly effective in alleviating the symptoms of arthritis.
It was even shown to be far more effective in promoting improvement among patients. Curcumin also showed a propensity to be less harmful than other drugs.

5) Cancer

There is no doubt that scientists continue to search and attempt new ways to treat and even cure cancer all the time.
For this they use any and all substances that might prove effective, with limited to positive results depending on what is used and what types of compounds they introduce.
While it is not definitive yet, a great number of laboratory results have shown that curcumin is effective at combating and even killing cancer cells.turmeric
The types of cancer it has been seen to be most effective against are stomach, bowel, skin, and breast cancers.

6) Diabetes

It’s been seen that adding turmeric and curcumin to your diet can help lower your blood pressure, reverse insulin resistance, and help with hyperglycemia.

7) Gastrointestinal treatments

Many times when patients have some type of gastrointestinal distress the drugs that are prescribed can have an adverse effect that is meant to be a part of the healing or management process.
Curcumin has been shown to manage IBS, Crohn’s disease, and has even allowed patients to quit taking their regular medication once introduced.

8) Cholesterol regulation

With the number of people suffering from pre-diabetes to full blown diabetes it is hard to imagine why drugs such as Lipitor are so popular. Curcumin is shown to be more effective and can reduce the oxidative stress that allows for cholesterol buildup.

9) Painkillers

Curcumin is well known for its ability negate pain, and is not nearly as addictive as other substances.


To date the use of curcumin and turmeric as medicinal substances has begun to displace conventional medical treatments. As it is a proven substance, it stands to reason that it could eventually replace many different pharmaceuticals if given a chance.



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