The Benefits We Get from Black Cumin Seed Oil

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March 13, 2018
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March 13, 2018
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Black cumin oil are derived from the plant Nigella sativa. Its oil or the black cumin seed oil has been used for Black-cumin-oilthousands of years for its numerous health benefits. It contains vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids and compounds that helps improve cell growth. Its benefits may be obtained internally or when it is topically applied to the skin.

Benefits of Black Cumin Seed Oil

Maintain healthy heart. Black cumin helps strengthen your heart, maintain healthy blood pressure and aids in managing a healthy blood cholesterol level. It is rich in unsaturated omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids and phytosterols.

Skin Health. Black cumin seed oil is antibacterial and fights the bacteria that causes acne. It contains vitamins and minerals that moisturizes your skin and helps reduce the signs of aging. It is also good for hair and nail growth.

Black-cumin-oilWeight loss. Black cumin seed oil is useful in reducing your appetite and decreasing your blood glucose level thereby lower your body weight and reduces fat stored in your body.

Blood sugar benefits. Black cumin seed oil helps balance blood sugar and release of insulin and insulin sensitivity. It increases the production of beta cells that are responsible for insulin production.

Beneficial to the immune system.  Black cumin seed oil increases the number of white blood cells which are the body’s defense against bacterial infections, colds, bronchitis, or even pneumonia. White blood cells are natural killer cells that makes the body recover from sickness.

Helps with suppressing cough and soothes sore throat. Back cumin seed oil helps calm coughs by relaxing your bronchial muscles. It also helps asthmatic persons by opening up airways when rubbed in your upper chest. And it also help decrease the frequency and number of cough.

Black cumin oil is beneficial for your overall health. Take only the highest quality available in your area to achieve its maximum health benefits.

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