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Believe it or not, not all cases of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or enlarged prostate are going to be accompanied by symptoms. When there are symptoms (such as the LUTS, or lower urinary tract symptoms), they are often very mild to the point of not being noticeable. At the same time, there could also be some very severe symptoms that will disrupt your life.

However, the severity of the symptoms is not an indicator of how much the prostate has enlarged. Very severe symptoms can symptoms-of-enlarged-prostateoccur in men that have only slightly enlarged prostate with the great enlargement being accompanied by few symptoms.

Cold weather could aggravate the symptoms. Physical or emotional stress could also affect the symptoms.

When taking medication, it is important to be careful because they can actually intensify the symptoms. Among the medications that could make the conditions worse are over the counter cold medicines like Benadryl, Sudafed, diuretics, and narcotics such as pain medications.

BPH could be accompanied by symptoms such as bladder storage problems and bladder emptying problems.

Among the symptoms that involve bladder emptying are difficulty at the beginning of urination, weak flow of urination, post super-beta-prostate-pillsurination dribbling, a feeling of something still left over in the bladder, a need to urinate right after you have finished urinated, and pain while urinating.

Symptoms of bladder storage problems include interrupted sleep because of a need to urinate, frequent urination, and a sudden urge to urinate that is almost impossible to control.

Just because you have these symptoms does not mean that your prostate is enlarged. There are other conditions that can cause these symptoms. There is always a balance between the two categories of symptoms in BPH.

Rapid occurrence of symptoms or more symptoms from one type over another type, then this could be the cause of another condition. This condition could be prostate cancer, neurologic diseases, heart failure, diabetes, or prostatitis.

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