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A prostate infection – otherwise known as prostatitis – happens when the prostate and the area surrounding it becomes inflamed.prostatitis

Symptoms can vary in severity and some men report intense pain, others will show no symptoms at all. Prostatitis can be caused by one of several infections.

The size of a walnut, the prostate is found between the bladder and the base of the penis, and is important in relation to the reproductive system of a male.

Your urethra runs through the centre of your prostate. The urethra is a tube, which transports urine from your bladder through to the penis as well moving semen from the sex glands to the penis.

Prostate Infection Symptoms

Symptoms of a prostatic infection are dysuria and groin pain, reduction in the output of urine and pain upon ejaculation. Other symptoms that you may notice are malaise and fever.

prostate-infectionRecurrence of the symptoms even are completion of treatment may periodically occur.

Gram negative bacteria and E.coli bacteria are the culprits in causing chronic and acute prostatic infections.

Medical care is needed if any of these symptoms develop. If you are unable to urinate or have a fever seek emergency treatment.

Prostatitis and prostate infection diagnosis is made by find the agent which is causing the infection, quite often it is bacteria.

Antibiotics are generally used as a treatment for prostatitis or a prostate infection but more sever infections may need to be treated with IV antibiotics, which will require hospitalization.

Long term antibiotics may be need in cases of chronic infectious prostatitis. Due to needing medical attention for prostatitis or prostate infection, pain management is the most that can be done at home.

To confirm that treatment has been successful, follow up care is needed, this will also ensure that any further treatment for a recurring infection is in place.

There are prostate infections which are unable to be prevented but by lowering the risk of sexually transmitted disease, groin prostatitis-natural-treatmentinjury and trauma, you can lower any risk of contracting infectious prostatitis.

Being sure to stay hydrated will also lower any chance of infection.

Usually the prognosis for acute infectious prostatitis is good although it is only fair for chronic infectious prostatitis as it is quite difficult to be cured.

Prostatitis Natural Treatment

Acupuncture and prostate massage as well as prostate support supplements and biofeedback are all natural treatments for prostatitis and there are other alternative remedies available.

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