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It might seem a little contradictory that a substance that can make your bones stronger and less porous can help with weight loss, but that is exactly what coral calcium is able to do.

Back in the 1980’s, scientists were attempting to discover a way to lower blood pressure using calcium. What they discovered wasCoral-Calcium-Weight-Loss that while calcium did in fact lower a person’s blood pressure, it could also help to lose a considerable amount of weight.

Application and Results

A recent review of studies conducted by the United Nations Institutes of Health has found that calcium is an essential part of losing weight, and as a result can be a beneficial as a dietary supplement.

Subjects who were used for such studies were given 2 pounds of yogurt per day. Each serving of yogurt was loaded with calories and fat, but also with calcium.

The results were that those who ate less calcium had more trouble losing weight, while those who ate more were able to lose more weight. One theory that was derived from this was that the lack of calcium in the diet can increase the likelihood of your body entering starvation mode, during which it stores more calories and causes increased weight gain.


An all-yogurt diet is not generally recommended, as it will not always yield the same results.

If you are seeking to include more calcium into your diet, coral calcium supplements are an acceptable substitute. It is always wise to consult with a physician before taking any added supplements.

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