What are Possible Remedies for Muscle Cramps?

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Muscle Cramp Pills can be effective to help reduce and help prevent muscle cramps.

Muscle Cramps happen when your muscles suddenly contract uncontrollably and forcibly. It does not relax. When you use the muscles you can control, they alternately contract and relaxes as you move your limbs. Muscles cramps are also called “spasms.”

Some cramps involve your muscles (can only be a part of it, several parts, or the entire muscles) to move your body parts in the opposite direction.

These muscle cramps can last in different periods. Sometimes it only lasts for a few seconds to half an hour or even longer. it is normal that cramps occur multiple times. Muscle cramps are so common that almost everyone has already experienced this.

Types and Causes of Muscle Crampsmuscle-cramps-electrolyte

  • True Cramps

  • Tetany

  • Contractures

  • Dystonic Cramps

True Cramps

True cramps are the most common type of muscle cramps. It is believed to have been caused by hyperexcitability of your nerves that stimulate muscles.

Circumstances that Causes True Cramps to Happen

  • Injury
  • Vigorous Activity
  • Rest Cramps
  • Dehydration
  • Body Fluid Shifts
  • Low Blood Calcium or Magnesium
  • Low Potassium


The term “Tetany” was originated from the effects of tetanus toxin on the nerves. In Tetany, your muscles are stimulated when all your nerve cells are activated. Because of this, muscle cramps or spasms are created all throughout your body.

This type of muscle crams often happens together with hyperactivity and muscle stimulation.  Low blood calcium also causes muscle cramps on your hands and wrists, and as well as numbness and tingling around your mouth and even on other areas.

Dystonic Cramps

Dystonic cramps are not so common. This is the type which the muscles, that are not intended for movement, are contracting involuntarily. Those muscles that normally moves on the opposite direction are affected by this type of muscle cramp.

Dystonic cramps usually happen on your eyelids, neck, larynx, and other small groups of muscles. It sometimes affects your hands and arms as well whenever they are involved in repetitive tasks like typing, playing musical instruments, writing, and other similar activities.


Contracture is a condition that mimics/copies the effects of muscle cramps. It is the scarring of your soft tissues which normally affects your muscle movements.

The tissues involved, whenever a contracture happens, is unable to completely move. This is due to the scarred tissue which is unable to respond when your muscles move. Commonly, contracture affects in the palm of your hands and the tendons which are responsible for your fingers ability to grip.

Possible Remedies for Muscle Cramps

Most of the time, stretching your muscles, standing up and walking around can help. Gently massaging the muscles is also one way to help your muscles relax. When your muscle cramps are caused by dehydration or fluid loss, it needs to be replaced by drinking water more and consuming electrolyte support supplements.

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