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Intestinal Parasites are variety of parasitic worms that live and feed off the human body.

Common Parasitic Worms

The tapeworms, flukes, hookworms, pinworms, and trichinosis worms.intestinal-parasites


Tapeworms are like white ribbons that can grow up to fifty feet long. They can stay in the human body up to thirty years. They can find their way in your body when you consume contaminated foods and drinks.  Drinking water with tapeworm eggs or larvae, or eating raw meat is also another way to get these parasitic worms in your body.

Tapeworms stay in your intestinal walls and sometimes produce eggs and move around to the other parts of your body.


Flukes come in many different types and, unlike tapeworms, they only grow not more than a few inches. Consuming fresh water plants or vegetables are the main source of getting infected with flukes. Drinking contaminated water can also be another way for flukes to get in your body.


Hookworms are usually just less than half an inch in length. Walking barefoot on soil infested with hookworm larvae and or on feces is the common way to get infected with this type of parasite worm. Hookworms also live and attach themselves in your small intestine.

Pinworms or also known as Threadworms

Pinworms are more common to children, but can still infect people of all other ages. These worms are really tiny and they live in the colon & rectum. Female pinworms can lay eggs usually at night & around your anus.

These worms lay even tinier eggs which can be found in any clothing, and other materials. When you touch their eggs and unconsciously put it in your mouth, you will get infected with pinworms. You can also breathe in the eggs because of how small it is.

Trichinosis Worms

Trichinosis worms are found in animals. Eating raw or under cooked meat that contains larvae is the most common way to get infected with these worms. The larvae can travel all over your body towards your muscles and tissues. They grow in your intestines and will reproduce more larvae.

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