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June 8, 2017
April 25, 2018
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Intestinal Cleanse


Approximately a third of Americans have an intestinal parasite. Are you one of them?

7 Common Parasite Warning Signs

1. Bowel movement changes in appearance or frequency

2. Chronic exhaustion or fatique

3. Sudden weight loss

4. Trouble sleeping

5. Abdominal pain or cramping

6. Headaches

7. Anxiety or irritability

Parasites can be contagious and the parasitic eggs may be carried to surfaces including hands, toys, clothing and toilet seats and must be ingested to cause infection.

Lally Naturals Parasite Cleanse is a complete worm and parasite cleansing and detox. It is recommended to take this formula for 10 days.

Parasite Cleanse contains a proprietary blend of natural herbs and nutrients that are formulated to kill and detox the body of parasites and their eggs.

Key Ingredients Include:

Papaya Fruit Powder – cleanses the intestinal track.

Black Walnut Hull Powder – may contain pigments that are toxic to parasites, and is considered one of foremost treatments for pinworms, tapeworms, hookworms and other intestinal parasites.

Pau D’Arco – contains chemicals that in lab tests, killed some bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites.

Wormwood – used for centuries to treat worms.

Butternut – used to expel intestinal worms, including tapeworm.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us, and we are confident you will like it, so we provide a 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, NO QUESTION ASKED!

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