Hemp Seeds Benefits

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June 7, 2019
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June 11, 2019
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hemp seeds benefits

Hemp Seeds Benefits – Cannabis sativa, hemp hearts, or hemp is popularly known for being one of many great sources of plant-based protein available. From studies and personal experiences, people have been going crazy with all the health benefits hemp seeds bring.

Hemp is the common term for a variety of plants in the Cannabis family. This beneficial and versatile plant can be turned into fibers, oil, wax, resin, cloth, fuel, and a wide range of other useful products. Hemp grows all over the world, as it is a very resilient plant which can grow in a variety of environmental conditions. The main concern that people have with edible hemp products, is that it comes from a cannabis plant. However, hemp seeds that are sold for consumption have less than 0.5% THC and are safe to eat.

Hemp seeds are also exceptionally rich in fiber, antioxidants, & fatty acids. Because of this, hemp seeds have the ability to help combat certain diseases, have the ability to reduce the risk of having heart problems, help improve insomnia, anemia, aids digestion & weight loss.

Although hemp seeds are wonderful for your health, of course it must be coupled with eating more healthier foods and doing some forms of exercise for maximum results.

Regular intake of Hemp Seeds Benefits can help you get the following benefits:

 a. Improved Brain Health and Activity

Researches have shown that the cannabinoids that is in the hemp plant help relieve social anxiety and has an anti-depressant effect. The essential fatty acids, on the other hand, can help with memory and mood enhancement.Hemp Seeds Benefits

b. Weight Loss

Since hemp oil capsules are rich in GLA, it can help in a person’s weight loss journey. Researchers also think that omega-3 plays a role in weight reduction.

c. Relieve Pre-Menopausal Symptoms

GLA in hemp oil capsules are also helpful in relieving pre-menopausal symptoms in middle-aged women. Although the researchers aren’t sure how this works, they formulated that it might be because the GLA can help regulate hormonal imbalance and menopause-associated inflammation.

Hemp Seeds Benefits

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