Health Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil : Rich in Omega Fatty Acids

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Benefits of Hemp Seeds / Hemp Seed Oil
February 4, 2020
How does hemp seed oil benefit the skin?
February 4, 2020

Medical and nutritional scientists have started to rediscover hemp seed oil’s many beneficial properties.

To comply with MPI guidelines, please note that any mention of oral consumption of hemp seed oil for health benefits refers exclusively to hemp seed oil inside of a capsule.

The Health Benefits Of Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil contains omega fatty acids

Omega fatty acids like those in hemp seed oil have been shown to:

The Perfect Balance

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Hemp Seed Oil is nature’s most perfectly balanced plant oil because it has a very healthy 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3. In the modern diet, the ratio of Omega 6 to 3 can be as distorted as 20:1 (trans fats, and processed vegetable fats being to blame for this). Views vary, but most agree that the ratio should be between 5:1 and 3:1.
Hemp seed oil is known to contain up to 5% of pure GLA, a much higher concentration than any other plant.  GLA has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body.

Understanding Fats and Essential Fatty Acids

A modern obsession has developed with fats. “Low-fat” has become part of the modern culture. But there are many misunderstandings about the different types of fats, their impact upon health and their role in therapeutic nutrition.
Essential Fatty Acids are an essential for health and vitality.  They cannot be made by your body, so they need to be included in your diet. They are often referred to as the “Good Fats”. This special group of fats that deserve most attention when it comes to health and nutrition.
Essential fatty acids fall into two groups omega 3 and 6 (parent essential fatty acids), and your body uses them to make derivatives of these.

Health Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

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