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Back-Pain-Kidney-InfectionBack Pain Kidney Infection – Kidney infection causes a number of uncomfortable symptoms, including fever, fatigue, painful urination, and back pain.

The latter is particularly troublesome and is one of the most common signs that the kidneys are infected.

While the condition can affect people who have no other ailments and are generally considered to be in good health, certain illnesses and diseases are associated with higher incidences of kidney infection.

Taking a kidney supplement can help ease back pain dramatically. Here are some common causes of kidney infection.

Bladder Infection

Because women have shorter urethra than men, bladder infection is more typical in women.

The usual culprit is a harmful bacterium including E. coli. If given time to spread a bladder infection can move up the urethra, into a tube called the urethra, and on to the connected kidney, causing an infection in that organ as well.

Prostate Infection

Though bladder infection is mostly seen in women, prostate infection is a men’s ailment that also involves harmful bacteria.

When the prostate is infected, a condition referred to as bacterial prostatitis, it can spread to the kidneys and cause a number of health issues and painful symptoms.kidney-infection-back-pain

Anatomical Problems

Some people have structural problems with their anatomy which make it more likely that they’ll develop a kidney infection and the back pain that often comes along with it.

One such condition is posterior urethral valves, in which the flow of urine is obstructed leading to reflux in the kidneys.

Not only does the condition increase the risk of infected kidneys, it also leaves the person more prone to developing bladder infection.

Weakened Immune System

Anytime that one has a condition that compromises their immune system, such as HIV and AIDS, diabetes, viral hepatitis, or leukemia, they’re more likely to develop infection in all areas of the body, kidneys included.

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