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The condition known as metabolic acidosis occurs when the body produces too much acid or when the kidneys fail to remove Metabolic-Acidosis-Symptomsenough acid.

This can result in a condition known as acidemia, which is caused when the pH level of the blood is too low. Such a condition can often lead to either coma or death.

Types of Metabolic Acidosis

There is more than one type of acidosis, but each one is able to cause great harm to the body. A few different types are as listed:

1) Diabetic acidosis – This tends to occur in those with diabetes type 1 when acidic substances known as ketone bodies build up within the bloodstream

2) Hyperchloremic acidosis – When the body is violently ill and is flushing bicarbonate in great quantities the bloodstream will become increasingly acidic.

3) Lactic acidosis – This is caused by the buildup of lactic acid and can be caused by many different conditions such as alcohol, severe dehydration, cancer, seizures, and even working out for long periods of time.

Symptoms of Metabolic Acidosis

There are several very noticeable symptoms of metabolic acidosis and those include:Metabolic-Acidosis

  • headache
  • fatigue
  • jaundice
  • lack of appetite
  • rapid and shallow breathing


While tests may be conducted to confirm acidosis and its proper designation (whether it is metabolic or respiratory), the end result is always treatment by attempting to regulate the pH level of the affected individual’s blood.

Bicarbonate is a useful way to do this, as it can balance the pH of the blood in a noticeable manner. Unfortunately this is a supportive procedure and not a true cure.

For regular care patients must undergo a procedure known as hemiodialysis, which is essentially a procedure meant to filter one’s blood.


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