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April 9, 2016
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Want to live a healthier life? All of us accumulate toxins in our body through the years. It might be because of the food that we eat or the lifestyle that we lead. And getting rid of toxins inside our body is the first step to be able to live better.

You can do it by exercising or eating right or going to saunas to sweat it out. Not many people know how it actually helps even though they do know that all of the above contribute to it.Autophagy

How does Autophagy help the body?

In fact, these are all methods of Autophagy which means ‘self-eating’. In this, the body cleans the toxins and debris collected in it as well as recycles cell components, which are damaged, and thus makes it more efficient.

In the process of cleaning, cancerous growths are eaten up as well as conditions such as obesity and diabetes in addition to quite a few more, are tackled as well. It also assists in the stopping of inflammation and slowing down of the ageing process.


Most people don’t realize it, but when you exercise, there is mild damage to muscles and tissues. This needs to be repaired by the body. When the body repairs itself, Autophagy is given a boost. In addition to this, when someone exercises, they tend to sweat. This flushes out more toxins as well.

Detoxing-Your-BodyMany experts believe, for a long life, one needs to do moderate exercise between 150 to 450 minutes a week. Exercise also is used for a stimulating biogenesis by increasing AMPK signals in the body, which activates PGC-1 alpha.

How does this happen?

Autophagy is suppressed by eating protein, as protein stimulates IGF-1 and mTOR, which are autophagy inhibitors. Therefore, one should control their amount of protein intake a day to amounts between 40 to 70 grams a day.

There are specific formulae to control protein consumption. You can take a gram of protein a day for every kg of lean body mass. The other formula is around half a gram for every pound of lean body mass.

Healthy mitochondria prevent diseases and when it is damaged, there can be genetic mutations, which take place for example – cancer. Healthy mitochondria are promoted by autophagy which removes damaged mitochondria.

A method to duplicate healthy mitochondria is by biogenesis. You can eat foods like eggs, fish and dairy products easily which is good for your body and helps your body receive all the nutrients you need.

When one exercises correctly, not only is Autophagy increased but also biogenesis increased as well. Parasite cleanse becomes easier and you can lead a normal and healthier life away from diseases.

This not only results in the prevention of diseases but also in the elimination of risks of major killers like cancer, heart disease andprevention-of-diseases diabetes.

Simply told, if you want to live a longer life, you will need to ensure that what you eat is right. You will need to ensure that you have a healthy lifestyle. And you need to ensure that you can parasite cleanse your body and remove all the toxins so that your body can function normally.

Follow the thumb rule of eating the right food, staying away from stress as well as exercising right. Also, you would be able to take control of your stress levels and ensure that you are happier.

A lot depends on how you exercise and how you go about life. Everyone wants to live longer. So, why not make the right changes in your life now?


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