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Women need Adrenal Support because Adrenal Fatigue is the most common hormonal imbalance in women.

What Are Your Adrenal Glands?

They are two small glands, the size of a grape. Also known as the Suprarenal Glands. These glands are located just above the kidneys and play a huge role in the stress response of the body and helps it to adrenal-support-womensurvive. The adrenal glands are your body’s “shock absorbers” which produces 50 hormones, including the Norepinephrine, Cortisol, and DHEA which are hormones made to help you get through the daily stressful physical and psychological situations.

When your adrenal glands are always demanding high levels of cortisol, soon enough it will have a hard time working properly. This will then result to your short-term response to stress and weaken your adrenal glands’ ability to produce and balance important hormones which are essential for your health.

What Causes Adrenal Fatigue (also known as Hypoadrenia)?

adrenal-fatigueAdrenal Fatigue happens when both your body and your adrenal glands can no longer handle with the amount of stress you experience daily, and plus paired with an unhealthy diet. Being constantly stressed-out for really long periods of time can make the adrenal glands overloaded and ineffective which then results to improperly releasing cortisol. Adrenaline Fatigue is caused by:

  • Financial, death or other stressful situations.
  • Negative thinking and emotional trauma including the habits of worrying, or becoming angry or afraid all of the time.
  • Stressful working environment, relationships, and other high-stress and fear-based way of living.
  • Exposure to environmental toxins and pollution.
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Not getting enough nutrients and lack of exercise or any form of physical activity.
  • Being dependent to caffeine, energy drinks or boosters daily.

What are Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms?adrenal-fatigue-supplements

Symptoms are the body’s way of telling you that it is not getting the proper support It needs. So, what happens to your body when the adrenal glands are improperly producing hormones?

Symptoms to look for:

  • An unexpected increase or decrease of your blood pressure.
  • Having uncontrollable food cravings for sweets or salty foods during in the late morning or afternoon
  • Either you are fueled too much on energy or having none at all.
  • Always feeling overwhelmed and constantly struggling to handle stress and getting through the day This is also a form of depression which is a symptom you should look out for.
  • When your thinking is foggy, and you are experiencing memory problems, unable to stay focus on one task, are intellectual symptoms as well.
  • Your immune system is weaker which makes your body take longer to recover from any infections or illness.
  • You may experience a decrease in your sex drive or low on libido, or severe PMS.

An essential part of aiding in overcoming adrenal fatigue is taking the right & natural Adrenal Fatigue Supplement.

It can still be a real challenge to get the right amount of nutrients your body needs to heal, that is why it is natural supplements are made to support in giving your body vitamins and minerals for adrenal support.

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