Low Cortisol Levels and Hair Loss

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January 23, 2018
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Low levels of cortisol is said to cause hair loss.adrenal-stress-cortisol

Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands that helps manage stress. It is also known as “stress hormone”.  The Stress may be those brought about by major life events or even by everyday events. When adrenal glands produce cortisol especially on an extended period of time, other hormones are often unbalanced.  The unbalanced or lower production of other hormones such as testosterone can cause hair loss. Other health problems that may be brought about by sustained high cortisol levels  includes a decrease in cell regeneration, impaired mental function, decreased metabolism, and a weakened immune system.

Hair loss or the thinning of the hairline is caused by several factors. It may be a genetic tendency or is inherited or fluctuating hormone levels during menopause. In these cases, nothing can be done to stop hair loss. However, hair loss brought about by a medical condition such as adrenal fatigue or insufficient adrenal function, then it may be prevented or treated.

In order to prevent thinning of hair due to stress or high levels of cortisol, one must consider making lifestyles changes.  Relieving stress reduces the connection of cortisol and hair loss.

  • Maintaining a healthy diet with regular exercise.  You should take essential vitamins, minerals and .other nutrients. Do aerobic activity or running or any physical activity that you can easily work into your daily schedule and enjoy. Otherwise, it will add to your stress.
  • Laughter.  Watching comedy or doing anything that can make you laugh has the ability reduce your stress level
  • Sleep.   Enough amount of sleep makes you well rested and easier to cope with daily life.
  • Mindfulness.  Meditation and focus will make you able to better assess threats and cope with it.
  • Nutritional supplements.  Necessary vitamins and minerals helps balance your hormones and promote adrenal health and lower cortisol levels.


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