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It has been reported that cures and treatment are being hidden from the public by the Pharmaceutical industry. Treatment and cures for cancer and lots of other illnesses that are rampant in our today’s society has been linked to foods and natural remedy.

Dr. Johanna Budwig said “I have the answer to cancer, but American doctors won’t listen. They come here and observe my flaxseed-oil-pillsmethods and are impressed. Then they want to make a special deal so they can take it home and make a lot of money. I won’t do it, so I’m blacklisted in every country”

Dr Budwig died in 2003, when she was 95 years old. No doubt Dr. Budwig was amazing as she was nominated for the Nobel Prize for medicine on six occasions. One would have thought that her health work been taken seriously.

It is on record how she has cured several cases of cancer, people whose cases have considered untreatable and hand been surrendered to fate by the various establishment.

She was really a genius, as her treatments did not just have to do with specific cases of cancer or just rare types. Her treatments and cures cut across all types of cancer; and what distinguished her from other people was how relatively easy, cheap, quick and permanently she did her work; plus, having to do all this with components that are non toxic and also no side effects attached. All patients she has treated with her medicine were known to become stronger than they were even before the treatments. Despite having to do with the worst terminal cases, her cure rate was more than 90 per cent.

A common question asked amongst doctors was how she did all these. According to this genius, all she used for her medication were flaxseed oil and quark cheese. So simple was it that the pharmaceutical and nuclear industries made her their #1 enemy. This they did successfully for years, suppressing all her works. Only recently, during the 1950’s, was her works were published for the first time. Even at that, in most countries today, they are still being censored.

According to the past president of the American Chemical Society, Ala Nixon, Ph.D “As a chemist trained to interpret data, it is incomprehensible to me that physicians can ignore the clear evidence that chemotherapy does much, much more harm than good.”

One thing we must know is that considering cancer as a mere outbreak of tumor is wrong; although, they are still considered so by the orthodox establishment. However, I don’t intend to discuss that now. One thing I can say is that as policy makers as they are, putting perpetual treatments to create lifelong customers is always the way they function. Neither a dead patient nor a healthy patient is profitable.

Instead where the money is made is in the middles, with patients who are just barely alive. They will ever get to finds, and this is because they are not looking for one. This industry has been discovered to be the fifth cause of bankruptcy in the United States; this is how profitable they are and curing would just eliminate the cash flow.

It has now come to a point where they all know that anyone who discovers a cure is set for the worse and should probably start thinking of another job. This is how serious the case is. The establishment does not intend to give it up as it is the most profitable condition in medical history.

Cancer is basically an epidemic resulting from chemical and food industries, and is purely man made. This condition was not as common in ancient times as it is now.

The Unholy Trinity of Cancer

flax-seed-supplementThe term unholy trinity of cancer refers to toxins such as radiation and acidosis; and the final state of this misunderstood condition is the acidosis. If you are one who pays close attention to medical information, you would have observed that the medical establishment themselves are the one responsible for this state of this condition. As stated earlier, when a person’s body becomes acidic, this reduces the body’s ability to carry and retain oxygen.

Essentially, when a pulse oximeter is used to measure the oxygen level of a healthy individual, it is between 98 and 100, but in the case of cancer patients, it is about 60. This lack of oxygen causes cells to mutate in order to derive their energy. This process is referred to as fermentation of direct sugar.

As this happens, the waste product resulting from the fermentation builds up in the tissue and gradually causes higher toxicities.

Even when these waste products are cleaned, they end up enfeebling your immune system. At this point, the cancer cells begins to multiply and eventually leading to tumors.

A doctor by name Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize by proving the above listed factors. Oxygen is at the root of cures for cancers. This of course means that it is important that we consume foods that are high in antioxidants.

Dr. Budwig suggested that since cancer is caused by foods considered unhealthy, these foods should be replaced with healing such as fatty acids. These fatty acids help the respiratory enzymes to function, and when they are deficient, it mars certain vital body functions.

The Budwig Anti Cancer Regimen

One of the stages of her protocol has to do with natural medicine aimed at producing safe omega 3 by a mix of flax seed oil and any compound containing sulfur proteins. According to Budwig, omega 3 is easily synthesized in the body when it is from flax oxide and in its exact needed quantity. Fish oil is not used because of the high risk of impurities involved. This omega food based medicine is usually given orally; but In some special cases, Dr. Budwig has administered the pure flax oil in enema form.

Because quark cheese is not easily available in some areas, goat milk cheese is the best substitute in this regards, other soft cheese like yogurt, cottage cheese are not suitable as they are made from homogenized milk and should only be used when goat milk cheese is not available, however, they should be supported with Vitamin C. Low-fat cottage cheese is a good replacement.

Flax seed oil used in the process should be cold pressed and organic, and should be protected from air, heat and light. It is highly preferable if it is obtained from individually sealed capsules. Lally Naturals offers Organic Flaxseed Oil Softgels.

It is also important that you avoid non-flax sources of Omega-3 and fish oil. Also, do not use fried fish.

The second stage of Budwig protocol has to with special diets. According to testimonies already registered, patients have usually experienced within 90 days of going in her diet regimen. However, she always advises that regardless of the reduced or eliminated symptoms, patients should ensure to go with the regimen for at least six months.

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