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Saw Palmetto – An Excellent Acne Plant (For Some)

Saw palmetto is a health supplement that is the extract of the fruit from the serenoa repens plant. This is a hardy bush that grows naturally in certain states in the southern USA, particularly the ones that have warm climates.saw palmetto and acne

It has long been regarded as a rather special plant; the plant itself is extremely tough and can survive for an estimated 500 years, and at some point humans learnt how to obtain an extract from it.

The Native Americans, who were kings of natural medicine, made use of saw palmetto for treating reproductive problems. A medical practitioner by the name of H. W. Felter claimed that it was useful as a nerve sedative.

Saw palmetto has a long history of being used for all sorts of ailments and the latest on the list is acne. Saw palmetto has gained a reputation in recent years for curing oily skin and sharply reducing the overall amount of pimples.

The acne-sphere is full of testimonials and former acne patients are labelling it as a miracle supplement. Some claim it to be just as amazing for acne as vitamin A, the second best acne vitamin ever.

Is this hype or is there science behind this herb?

The answer is that saw palmetto can be a very effective supplement for acne, but it should only be used by women.

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Saw Palmetto (Really!) Works for Hormonal Acne in Women | Nature’s ……/saw-palmetto-really-works-for-hormonal-…

Saw Palmetto is a wonderful herb that has shown from many testimonials its effectiveness to treat and prevent the occurrence of saw palmetto for acnehormonal acne.

Everybody, male and female, has both male and female sex hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone (as well as others) in their bodies. Men usually have more male sex hormones, and women usually have more female sex hormones.

Sometimes an imbalance can occur for various reasons, and the body produces an excess of the opposite sex hormones, or the body doesn’t produce enough of the right sex hormones.

This article focuses on women whose bodies are producing excess testosterone.

Signs that this is occurring are common symptoms such as: frequent acne outbreaks (at any age) that usually occur around the chin, sides of the face, and hairline; excess hair growth (and thicker hairs in parts of the body other than the scalp and the pubic region) and moderately thick hair growing in places it normally shouldn’t in women (such as the chin, stomach, chest, etc.); and irregular periods, to name a few.saw palmetto female acne

The role that this plays in acne specifically is that testosterone actually turns into dihydrotestosterone (a more potent or powerful male sex hormone) in the body, which is responsible for sebum (oil) production in oil glands.

If you have an excess amount of these hormones, then you’ll have oilier skin. This oil production, no matter how clean you keep your face, will still clog the pores from the inside, before it even has a chance to surface due to the amount of oil being produced, and create pimples.

Saw Palmetto is an herb which decreases the amount of testosterone in the body, and reduces the occurrence of testosterone becoming dihydrotestosterone.

I have read many success stories from women using this treatment. I myself have been using it for acne for a few (about 4) weeks now, and I must say I have seen pretty dramatic results. I was breaking out with new pimples almost every day!

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