Guide and Health Benefits of Soursop or Graviola

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What is graviola (or soursop) and how is it used?soursop-graviola

A traditional herbal medicine, Graviola (Annona muricata) is also known as Guanabana, Soursop, Cherimoya, Custard Apple and Brazilian Paw Paw. Graviola is an evergreen tree native to Central America and the Caribbean, in Samoa and other Pacific Islands, parts of South America and even in Florida. It has been studied extensively for its healing properties. Graviola has been used to calm the nerves and address stomach problems.

In fact, it is the entire tree including the leaves, the bark and even the root has beneficial properties as it has been used to cure a number of ailments. The leaves and fruit of the soursop tree contain biologically active fatty compounds including acetogenins, quinolones, annopentocins and the alkaloids coreximine and reticuline. Some of these compounds may be naturally antiviral and antiparasitic.

The taste of soursop fruit is a delicious combo of strawberry and pineapple and is most commonly eaten by cutting the fruit in half and scooping out the flesh. The soft pulp and flesh of the fruit can be used in drinks, desserts, smoothies and even candy.


Health Benefits of Soursop or Graviola

  1. Graviola or soursop have antioxidants compounds;

  2. Graviola or soursop helps kill cancer cells;

  3. Graviola or soursop helps fight bacteria;

  4. Graviola or soursop boosts immunity;

  5. Graviola or soursop improves gastrointestinal health;

  6. Graviola or soursop may help stabilize blood sugar levels; and

  7. Graviola or soursop anaglesic properties

Can you take Soursop supplements?

Aside from eating Soursop, there are natural supplements to help to really be able to attain the recommended amounts. Fortunately, there are supplements that offer concentrated doses.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Soursop?

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