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Coral Calcium Benefits. Coral calcium is a big business in our country today. Though it’s a bit pricier than other Coral-Calcium-Benefitscalcium alternatives, the benefits that coral calcium gives our body definitely outweighs any other considerations.

Coral calcium is claimed to be the best alternative source of calcium. The porous characteristic of calcium from corals makes it easier for the bloodstream to absorb than any other calcium derivatives, say calcium obtained from lime stones. The pores of corals are a few microns in size so even if it gets pulverized, the pores are retained.

Coral Calcium Benefits

Coral calcium benefits us in a lot of ways. Let’s dig in a little deeper to what how it keeps the body healthy.

  1. Healthy Arteries

Aside from the fact that calcium helps in the transmission of signals within nerve cells, calcium also plays a very important role in the function of arteries. It functions in the contraction and expansion of arteries. If the body becomes depleted with calcium, it will cause the artery walls to contract thus less blood will flow through the artery.

  1. Maintains the Body’s Natural pH

One of the most popular coral calcium benefits is its ability to alkalinize the body. When certain situations cause the body to drop its pH, calcium comes to the rescue and helps the body restore its pH to the optimum value which is 7.4.

  1. Broad Spectrum

Coral-Calcium-BenefitsCalcium from corals doesn’t only have calcium alone. In fact, it contains more than 70 other trace minerals that are needed by the body to improve the processes they carry out. Aside from calcium, coral calcium also contains magnesium, potassium, iodine, phosphorus, iron, and others that all have a positive effect on the health of our cardiovascular system.

  1. Maintain Bone Health

The main storage of calcium is in the spongy bone. The bone utilizes the calcium that is stored within it to be able to create a foundation that prevents it from being damaged too easily. Also, coral calcium benefits the teeth by strengthening the enamel.

  1. Promotes Better Sleep

A study by the Aichi Syukutoku University also showed that drinking coral calcium improves the alpha-2 wave activity in the brain which is said to promote a higher brain relaxation.

The benefits of coral calcium extend beyond all that is listed above. With regular intake of coral calcium combined with exercise and diet, you will enjoy a healthy body in no time.

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