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Coral Calcium mineral supplement benefits – body, bones, cells, health

Benefits of Coral Calcium include: reducing bone loss, preventing osteoporosis, preventing bone spurs and calcium deposits, and reducing pain.

Resist disease by alkalizing your body with coral calciumbest coral calcium

It sounds like something you do with a welding torch, but alkalizing simply means changing the pH of our bodily fluids – such as blood and saliva – from acidic to alkaline. Why is that important?

When your body becomes acidic (low pH), a shortage of oxygen in your cells leads to disease and accelerated aging, because cells need oxygen to expel toxic waste. Foods such as excessive sweets, red meat, and carbonated drinks also lower your pH, and this is why dietary experts speak so much about keeping a balance.

Eating the recommended amounts of fruit and vegetables to help raise your pH level does make a difference. But do we, or can we, all do that? And do we get enough of a difference? For most of us, probably not.

To make – and keep – the big difference in re-balancing your pH, the easiest and most effective method is to supplement your diet with high-purity absorbable coral.

coral calcium health benefitsCoral is ideal for raising your pH because it contains ALL the body’s minerals, in similar proportion, in a highly bio-available ionized state. Coral is a whole food. The living coral digests seawater and renders calcium (and 73 other minerals) in a unique, highly bio-available organic form.

Coral can raise children’s pH levels in weeks, but it will often take several months for mid-age or older adults. Another unfairness of maturing! So, if you are in your thirties, like it or not, that chemical change has happened and the odds are good that your pH has already slipped into acidity.

It’s not too soon and never too late to test your pH level. Raising and rebalancing your pH now, and giving your body the calcium and minerals it needs, restores and builds your whole-system resistance to disease.

Stop bone loss with coral calciumcoral calcium powder

Calcium and Minerals are needed for every vital function of your body, from pumping your heart, to cell division, to DNA replication. If you’re not eating enough minerals to fuel these functions, your body robs your bones!

It’s an automatic self-preservation mechanism. It saves your life – but results in osteoporosis!

High-purity fossilized coral calcium contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, potassium, iodine, essential trace minerals, and many other microscopic elements essential to human life.

In addition, fossilized coral calcium contains antioxidants known to help protect the body from free radical damage.

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Provides naturally-occurring Ionic forms of Calcium, Magnesium and all Trace Minerals. ☆ Proudly Manufactured in USA. Lally Naturals Coral Calcium is★ Helps build strong bones and maintain a healthy immune system.

★ Feel the Difference. We offer a No-Questions 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your results, you will receive a full refund.

★ Fossilized source of calcium – No living coral are used in the production of coral calcium.


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