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What are the benefits of electrolytes. “Electrolytes” is a scientific and another term for “salts.”  There are a lot of electrolyte benefits that is good for the health. Getting enough electrolytes for the body will help you regain or help boost your strength, stamina, and endurance.electrolyte-benefits

Electrolyte is an electrically-charged ion. It can move to either a negatively charged ion or positive charged ion. Not getting enough electrolytes in the body can cause muscle cramps, fatigue and dehydration. It is important to replace the electrolytes in your body to prevent it from dehydration, to help prevent muscle cramps, to restore back balance and enhance your body’s performance levels.

Electrolytes are also important for your body to function properly such, which includes the heart, nerve and muscle functions. The acidity (pH) in your blood is managed by electrolytes. This will help promote and restore a healthy mind and body.

Because of how essential electrolytes are in the body, everyone needs and will benefit from it. It is responsible for supporting different important functions in the body – for helping to keep the body safe and hydrated, helping with contracted muscles to relax, for helping out with the nervous system including the brain, and helping with cell generate energy.

Major Electrolytes

sodium (Na+) || potassium (K+) || chloride (Cl-) || calcium (Ca2+) || magnesium (Mg2+) || bicarbonate (HCO3-) || phosphate (PO42-) || sulfate (SO42-)

Negative Effects on Having Low Electrolytes

The following may happen due to having not enough electrolytes and have failed to replace the depleted ones:

– Feeling Weakness in the Body

– Experiencing Muscle Cramps or Muscle Spasms

– Experiencing Abnormal Increase/Decrease of Blood Pressure

– Experiencing Nervous System Disorders

What Causes Loss of Electrolytes in the Body

The following may be the reasons that is causing electrolyte loss:

Getting Sick (Flu, Colds, etc), Food poisoning, Heat, Diarrhea, Severe burns, Vomiting Too Much, Sweating Too Much & Dehydration, Consuming Too Much Caffeine or Alcohol.

Consume Electrolytes Anytime

Electrolytes are so important that there is no specific time to set for you to consume it because it is important anytime. Whether you are preparing for a long run or hike, to help your body before working and for recover after working out, to help get a performance boost, to help enhance and improve endurance, to help prevent muscle cramps or muscle spasms, to help hydrate cells, and help restore and maintain balance for your mind & body.

electrolyte-balanceIonic Minerals & Electrolytes

The best way for your body to fully absorb electrolytes, ionic trace minerals must be taken along with it as well. It is very important for your body to break down the electrolytes smaller to help it get absorbed. The body uses up energy for it to be able to absorb transported minerals & electrolytes. The body helps out in charging ions and because of this, it is easier for the ionic minerals & electrolytes to be taken to the cells lining in the intestinal tract.


Raw food is said to be one of the ways to get electrolytes & minerals. According to researches, it is no longer enough to purely rely on a raw food diet because of how the soil where the raw food is planted has no longer have minerals. This means that with no minerals in the soil, much more reason to believe that there is not much on food as well.

Electrolyte Support Supplements is one better way to help your body get the right amount of electrolyte it has depleted. Consuming it regularly can help in maintain a healthy or even more healthier mind & body. Supplements are easier, and you can still be able to get enough electrolytes your body needs.

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