Amazing Health Benefits Of Beetroot (Beets)

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Health Benefits Of Beetrootbeetroot juice

1. Beetroot Lowers Blood Pressure

In a study conducted, beetroot was found to lower blood pressure because of the nitrates in beetroots, which the body converts into nitric oxide. And in the process, the blood vessels expand. In a different study, it revealed similar findings – inorganic nitrate and beetroot supplementation helped lower blood pressure. This might benefit individuals at a risk of cardiovascular disease.

2. Beetroot is Good For The Heart

A study indicates that regular consumption of beetroot can improve endurance and blood pressure in older individuals at a risk of heart failure, prevents myocardial infarction (obstruction of blood supply to a tissue in the heart), & improves the delivery of oxygen to the working skeletal muscles.

3. Beetroot Helps Prevent Cancer

beetroot juiceBeetroot extract might have the potential to prevent cancers of the breast and prostate, to prevent lung and skin cancers, and was also found to aid in the treatment of leukemia. Numerous studies have supported the anticancer and chemopreventive properties of beets.

4. Beetroot Good For The Liver

The presence of calcium, betaine, B vitamins, iron, and antioxidants keeps beets amongst the best liver foods. Beets also thin the bile, allowing it to easily flow through the liver and small intestine – this further enhances liver health.

5. Beetroot Boosts Energy Levels

Studies have found that beetroot makes the muscles more fuel-efficient, thereby enhancing stamina. Beetroot also help improve blood flow, cell signaling, and hormones – all of which play a role in increasing the energy levels.

6. Beetroot Fights Inflammation

Their generous helpings of folate, fiber, and betalains place beets amongst the best anti-inflammatory foods on the planet.

Health Benefits Of Beetroot


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