The Miracle of Black Cumin Seed Oil

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February 19, 2018
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February 19, 2018
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Black cumin oil is also referred to as “lifeblood” of nigella sativa seeds. In ancient times, black cumin seed oil is the best kept medicinal secret of the Middle East due it is varied therapeutic potential and powerful restorative oil-nigella-sativafunctions.

Black cumin oil can help promote purification through detoxification. Nigella sativa has also been said to be a “wonder” food because of its ability to improve lives and support sustainability of over all wellness.

The phytochemical thymoquinone found in black cumin seed oil works to scavenge and neutralize free radical that causes disease, eliminate cancer cells and counteract inflammation. Thymol is another phytochemical in black cumin oil that is known as a natural disinfectant and is often used in the household as safe cleaning products that kills bacteria and viruses. The third phytochemical in black cumin seed oil is the thymohydroquinone. It is a most potent natural inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase. It prevents the breakdown of the body’s neurotransmitters or acetylcholine. Acetycholine is required by the body and the brain to activate muscles, and for learning support, attention span, motivation, arousal and memory.

nigella-sativa-seed-oil-benefitsUses of Black Cumin Oil for Specific Health Conditions

  • Stop superbugs.  Black cumin oil have shown to be effective in eradicating deadly infections.
  • It is helps the liver get rid of harmful toxins and improve levels of toxin-eliminating enzymes that in turn reduce risk of disease.
  • Keeps blood sugar in check. Consuming black cumin oil helps improve blood sugar levels of persons with metabolic disorders. It is effective in reducing insulin resistance and decrease fasting glucose levels.
  • Achieve ideal weight. Black cumin oil has anti-obesity properties that helps reduce abdominal fat and help decrease risk of health condition like heart disease.
  • Black cumin oil is anticonvulsant and helps reduce seizure episodes of epilepsy both its intensity and frequency.
  • It helps clear air passageway for better breathing by targeting allergic reactions and asthmatic symptoms.
  • Black cumin also help treat colds and flu and enhance the healing of throat pain.
  • Its compounds were found to reduce chest wheezing and improve pulmonary function. It counteracts the damage that chemicals do to the lungs.

It is best to include black cumin seed oil in your diet to improve your health and avoid the onset of possible diseases brought about by our lifestyle. Unfiltered and unrefined black cumin oil are regarded as the best for achieving the desired health benefits.

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