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Where Does Marine Coral Calcium Come From?Marine-Coral-Calcium

Marine coral calcium comes from authentic and natural coral.

Coral is captured when the particles drift to the bottom of the water due to erosion in the tropical oceans.

Most types of Corals tend to reside in shallow waters of subtropical and tropical climates.

Coral Calcium as Traditional Medicine

Coral has been used in Ayurvedic medicine due to the amount of calcium that it contains. It can be used to treat conditions such as inflammation, osteoporosis, and a persistent cough.

Coral calcium has been taken in Japan for a number of years and has help people live for a longer period of time.

marine-grade-coral-calciumCoral Calcium Research

Studies have suggested that the intestines are able to absorb the calcium in coral due to the ratio of calcium and magnesium.

By weight coral is 20% calcium and 10% magnesium. This will allow the body to get the recommended doses of both minerals.

In studies coral has been shown to help animals that were postmenopausal increase calcium levels and increase bone density.

Coral calcium hydride will help the body increase antioxidant levels and will prevent cells from dying and will fight back against free radicals.

This supplement has also help prevent fatty live disease in rodents that were obese.

Benefits of Calcium

Calcium is needed in humans. Calcium will help keep the bones strong, will help nerve transmissions, will help with blood clotting, and will help enzymes react to dangers.

If a person does not have enough calcium they are at a risk for high blood pressure. Calcium will also help prevent osteoporosis.

Safety Warnings

A person should not take Coral Calcium if they already have high blood pressure of low pressure due to phosphate levels. Like any supplement be sure to speak to a doctor before use.

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