Cinnamon and Honey Health Benefits

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Cinnamon and Honey are both popularly known natural ingredients to have many health benefits. A lot of people are claiming that cinnamon and honeywhen cinnamon and honey are combined, they can be even more helpful and beneficial in assisting in any common disease.

Cinnamon is a spice from the peeled bark of a Southeast Asian tree. It is widely used as an aromatic condiment and additive of various cuisines for centuries and even as a medicine and has been considered a valuable trade commodity. It is used in either stick or ground powder form and preserved in a glass container stored in a cool place. Cinnamon is one of the healthiest kind of spice that is known for having many health benefits, but not all types have the same benefits.

There are two kinds of Cinnamon – Cassia & Ceylon. The Cassia is known to be as the cinnamon which is “fake,” and Ceylon is known to be as the cinnamon which is “true.” Ceylon Cinnamon has three powerful elements – (1) cinnamyl alcohol, (2) cinnamaldehyde, (3) cinnamyl acetate – and these three elements are antifungal & antibacterial agents.

Here are a few significant benefits of cinnamon:

  • Cinnamon may help in reducing inflammation: inflammation can cause a higher risk of chronic diseases, and studies show that cinnamon can help reduce inflammation.
  • Cinnamon may help slow down Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease as it has been confirmed in a few studies conducted.
  • Cinnamon may help prevent cancer cell growth and in result can be a natural way to help certain cancers.

cinnamon and honeyHoney, as well, has several medicinal uses, and like cinnamon, there are different types of honey out there. The honey with most health benefits is the most concentrated, high quality, unfiltered honey. Honey has several health benefits connected to its antioxidant capacity and antibacterial properties.

Here are a few significant benefits of honey:

  • Honey has been thought to be a very good sleeping aid, helps boost memory, helps treat yeast infections, a natural aphrodisiac, and they say it may reduce plaque on teeth.
  • Honey may also effectively suppress coughs compared to the active ingredient in many commercial cough syrups.
  • Honey has been known to treat wounds and burns by applying it directly to the skin.

Cinnamon and Honey can both be eaten and applied directly to the skin to get its health benefits. Pure honey can be bought in the market and cinnamon. Fortunately, cinnamon can also be consumed in capsule form and still be able to get its health benefits.

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