Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits

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August 24, 2016
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August 27, 2016

Apple cider vinegar is good at keeping you out of the doctor’s office. Apple cider vinegar health benefits are just as good as an apple. They are both similar since apple cider vinegar is made with apples.

Apple-Cider-Vinegar-Health-BenefitsThere has been a multitude of use for apple cider vinegar throughout history. Apple cider vinegar has been used to make delicious salad dressings and pickles.

It has also been used to clean coffee pots, polish metals, and kill unsightly weeds outside. Apple cider vinegar is an essential product that should be in every household.

Apple cider vinegar contains many healthy ingredients. There’s phosphorus, calcium, cooper, magnesium, and potassium. There are also several vitamins in this type of vinegar such as Vitamin B1, VitaminB2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C. Apple cider vinegar health benefits are endless.

In order to get the full health benefits of apple cider vinegar it is advised to use unfiltered apple cider vinegar that is organic, and raw.

Here is a list of the top 10 healthy and useful benefits of using apple cider vinegar:

Helps Whiten Teethacv-tablets

Apple cider vinegar will help remove yellow stains from your teeth. It will also help combat other stains while getting rid of bacteria that are on your gums and in your mouth.

Apples are good for your teeth as it helps clean them every time you eat one. With apple cider vinegar you can gargle with it first thing in the morning and then brush your teeth afterwards.

Helps with Weight Loss

Acetic acid is found in apple cider vinegar therefore consuming it unfiltered and raw will help with weight loss. The acetic acid helps decrease your weight in various areas.

In a 12 week study for those that consumed acetic acid there was improvements in their triglycerides, waste line, weight, abdominal fat, and certain liver fats.

Helps Constipation

Pectin is a natural treatment for constipation and it can be found in apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is a great way to find relief when dealing with constipation and it’s natural.

Drink three glasses a day by adding two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to water or grape juice.

Helps Blood Sugar

Your blood sugar levels are managed by insulin. For those who have problems with their insulin working properly apple cider Lower-Blood-Cholesterolvinegar can help improve those problems.

It is said that adding apple cider vinegar to every meal can improve insulin resistance. It is suggested to add one teaspoon to a glass of water with every meal.

By drinking this three times a day it could improve your stomachs digestion. It is suggested by doing this it will increase how your body process new sugar while improving you blood sugar levels.

Will Help Lower Blood Cholesterol

Apple cider vinegar can lower blood cholesterol by improving your blood lipids. This works by decreasing the level of lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. LDL is considered to be the bad cholesterol.

Apple cider vinegar also helps to raise the good cholesterol (HDL) high density lipoprotein cholesterol. This can help prevent diabetes and improve conditions for those that suffer from diabetes.

Make sure to add apple cider vinegar to your diet in various ways.

Helps Fight Infections

Apple cider vinegar can be used to fight infections and bacteria. You can use it to help fight off a bladder infection, an ear infection, or candidiasis.

You can add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water for candidiasis or a bladder infection. For best results it suggested to drink the mixture warm at night.

You can also dilute apple cider vinegar to rinse your ear in order to treat an ear infection.

Good For Your Hairapple-vinegar-pills

An equal mixture of apple cider vinegar and water can work as conditioner for your hair. It will add texture and make your hair shine.

For those that suffer from dandruff it can be used as a natural treatment to get rid of the condition.

In order for this to work the vinegar needs to have equal parts. Once mixed together it should be applied on the hair for 15 minutes before rinsing in order to be effective. This treatment can be done once or twice a week.

Improves Skin Tone

Reduce wrinkles, tone skin, and fight blemishes by applying a cotton ball of apple cider vinegar to your face. Apple cider vinegar works as natural astringent as it can help dry out blemishes and start the healing process.

It can be used to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles by applying diluted apple cider vinegar to the affected areas. This will work by tightening the skin and plumping the area.

You may also use apple cider vinegar as toner. Take half a cup of apple cider vinegar and apply it directly to your face it will improve skin conditions by reducing infections and restoring the PH balance.

Helps Relieve Leg Cramps

For those that suffer from leg cramps at night apple cider vinegar can help improve those painful cramps.

By adding two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and some honey to a warm glass of water it will help relieve the pain. Just remember to drink this slowly.

Helps Relieve Coughs and Colds

You can relieve a cough, sore throat, or the other effects of a common cold with apple cider vinegar. Add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and honey to a warm glass of water. The effects can be improved by adding a little ginger to the mixture. This should be taken at night until the symptoms go away.

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