What is Coral Calcium?

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February 21, 2016
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More and more people are willing to keep healthy bone density what has recently made calcium supplements a very popular choice. While it has its obvious benefits, customers who buy it sometimes don’t know the variety of forms of calcium available and the difference in effects caused by it.

Coral calcium – the most popular calcium on the planetcoral-calcium-capsules

As a supplement calcium can be acquired in many different variations – calcium orotate, calcium citrate or calcium carbonate – to name just a few of them. One of the forms of calcium carbonate is coral calcium – a type of calcium that is sourced from fossilized coral. Nowadays it is the most popular type of calcium that is available. It comes from a limey substance, secreted by an invertebrate animal polyp, which has then hardened into the coral structure. And calcium carbonate is that hardened substance.

The benefits of coral calcium

Being the most abundant mineral in human’s body it plays a very important role in many functions of your body and is a crucial component of it. It helps in:

  • Initiation of muscle contraction
  • Blood clotting process as well as blood pressure regulation
  • Proper development of teeth and bones – and as such is extremely important during childhood, pregnancy and lactation.
  • Regulation of the transmission of nerve pulses
  • Maintenance of proper level of the good cholesterol
  • Healthy function of kidney

Promotion of healthy colon in men – that’s according to the most recent study of effects of Coral Calcium in men

Reduction of PMS symptoms as well as maintenance of a proper blood pressure after the 20th week of pregnancy.

On the cellular level of your body, Coral Calcium acts as a vehicle that takes care of feeding your cells with nutrition. It is crucial for proper passage of nutrients and wastes through your cell membranes.

Apart from the vast benefits listed above, on the most basic level coral calcium supplements are a high-quality source of calcium and other minerals, helpful both for people who have a deficit of calcium and trace minerals but is recommended for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy body with a proper bone density.

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